Jump on Board the Wallpaper Trend

It’s Officially Back, and Bolder Than Ever

Article by Melissa B Rodgers

For those of us who lived in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, you might be a little gun shy about embracing this patterned trend all over again.

I assure you, gone are the days of ugly mauve and cornflower blue floral wallpaper, with coordinating border paper on top. But you might be living in a bubble if you are unaware that wallpaper is back and is one of the hottest interior trends going right now.

Everyone Is Doing It...

In 2017 we started seeing it pop up on interior accounts periodically. By 2018 it was everywhere. I am very pro-wallpaper and jump at the chance to work it into a design whenever I can. 

According to Pinterest’s 2019 trends report, bold wallpaper has taken the design world over. This self proclaimed maximalist is doing cartwheels over these stats. Especially with people searching for “bold print wallpaper” 401 percent more frequently than years past. I am not saying be a follower, but I am throwing down some mad peer pressure: "Come on! Everyone is doing it!"

If you're paying attention, you'll see the wide variety of fantastic happenings going on in the current world of wallpaper. With the bold wallpaper trend you can have the best of both worlds. You can get those statement aesthetics you've longed for without committing to hours of work (instant adhesives!) or become tied to a long-term decor relationship (kudos to removable wallpaper). There's even the option of faking it with paint and a stencil if wallpaper doesn't fit your budget. Trust me, everyone is doing it, because you can find what inspires you. 


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Stripes are very versatile. You can find them in traditional rooms, contemporary lofts,  and modern restaurants. Stripes are like design superheros! They can reshape or resize a space if used properly. 

Got short ceilings; go for a vertical stripe wallpaper.   Need a small room to appear to have more depth; enter the horizontal stripes. They can be paired with an endless amount of patterns such as florals, paisley, graphic and honeycomb. They can give the final je ne sais quoi touch to a space. 

They even have an option for the...the bird enthusiast.

I love adding a sense of playfulness to any room in your home with bold bird printed wallpaper. They’re great at adding depth to the space. Try it as an accent wall or get huge results from small areas like powder rooms and entryways.

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Chevron and Herringbone 

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What’s the difference, you ask? 

Herringbone is a pattern made up of equally sized rectangular pieces arranged in a staggered zig-zag pattern. 

A chevron pattern is a figure, pattern, or object having the shape of a V or an inverted V. 

Both are equally beautiful and wonderful at adding texture.  Another bonus is they always are classic pattern to any wall.  Both come in many colors, with options of going straight to in your face or adding a the right touch of subtle beauty.

Palm Leaves and Tropical 

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As they have continued to gain traction over the past few years, palm leaves are still an underestimated, heavy-duty, growing wallpaper trend. As more textures and details become introduced into modern wallpapers, it makes the intricate details of the palm a chic option. 

Palm printed wallpaper is available in all manner of designs, textures, and colors.  I love using it when looking for something more manly. Palms can also add that something bright and bold, or something more calming.  The choice is up to you and your creativity.  

Bright and Bold

  • image%20-%202019-09-19t162952345-300?v=1

I saved my favorite for last. The bold, bright, and compelling wallpaper designs are finding their comeback in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedroom wallpaper designs.

They are trending and more imaginative than ever before. Use a bright and bold pattern to create an unforgettable statement. Sometimes it's fun and okay to let go of the quiet wallpaper that is so popular as of late.

Whatever your style, and whenever you do decide to succumb to the wallpaper peer pressure, don't be afraid to just go for it. Most importantly, have fun with it. 

And if you're significant other doesn't like it, tell them Melissa told you to do it.

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