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Loving Your Body in All Seasons

If you look past the sandals, cuffed jeans and old band tees, you might find that Asheville’s fashion scene is expanding. Among those who are influential in this shift is Nisha Evoy, a local fashion stylist with an eye for detail that accentuates each body style and personality. Nisha has been into fashion for as long as she can remember. Ever since she was a kid, she was dressing up and wearing her outfits with confidence. Her voice is one that is much needed, not only in Asheville but in our society. Nisha is adamant about instilling confidence in her clients, and as we look back at the summer season we’re leaving behind, may we look back at our days in the sun with love for our bodies. 

One beautiful summer day back in June, Nisha gathered some ladies to have a soiree by the pool and enjoy a confidence-boosting photoshoot. When asked what sparked the idea, she said, “One day I was laying by the pool looking at all the different body types around me, and the thought just popped into my head. All bodies are beautiful: Each freckle, dimple, curve and stretch mark. We all have things we are self-conscious about—things we don’t like or wish we could change. But the fact is we are all beautiful.”

And she’s right; fashion and style are about feeling confident and beautiful the way you choose. It’s not about what’s trending, but about who you are and what you want to exude. 

With swim season behind us and sweater weather ahead, it may seem too soon to think about what you’ll rock at the beach next year. But winter is the perfect time to travel somewhere warm and tropical, and Nisha is ready and willing to help anyone who struggles to feel comfortable in a swimsuit find the right fit and style.

“According to studies, swimsuit shopping makes women feel both anxious and depressed. It doesn’t have to be that way, though," Nisha says. "Let me help you! Together we can pick out the perfect suit that you can conquer the pool and beach in. Rest assured that there is a swimsuit out there that you can feel confident and secure in.” 

Nisha is also available to help with a complete closet makeover, a style renewal or just some advice for those who struggle with knowing their unique style. To learn more about her, check out her Instagram at @ashevillefashionstylist and be on the lookout for her website, which is coming soon!

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