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What's Your Personal Brand?

Karen Slack is Focusing on the Right Things

Not long ago, Karen Slack decided to take a leap of faith and in March of 2021, the Westfield-based photographer purchased her first camera and taught herself the art and science of professional photography.

Karen began her business focusing on senior portraits. From there she added personal branding to her portfolio because, as she describes, “Personal branding is similar to senior portraits, but for adults.” One of her first subjects was Westfield Realtor Joanne Papadimitriou, who hired Karen to do branding photos for her business. The collaboration between the two women inspired Joanne to hire Karen to build her brand with a podcast (“Jo Knows”), social media marketing and graphic design work. 

Other professionals took notice, and Karen’s business took off. She is now in demand for senior portraits, personal branding, and design work. You’ll see her work on real estate signage throughout the area, in addition to headshots for professionals in many industries. 

A relentless optimist with an enthusiastic nature, Karen is vocal in her opinion that beauty is not about perfection, and that her goal is to capture her subject’s inner essence. She has a devoted following on social media, where she posts tips for getting the best out of your photo session. Her marketing videos are endearing in their messaging: embrace yourself with all your quirks and enjoy the journey.

In growing her photography business, Karen has harnessed the power of building a strong personal brand. Here she shares her tips with us:

Be consistent in sharing who you are and what you do: The human brain is wired to respond to faces above all other forms of communication. The more people see my face, the more top of mind I remain.  

Push through fear: The bottom line is that fear of judgment is what keeps us from putting ourselves out there and showing who we are. So I ask myself, if someone doesn't like me and what I’m doing, can I live with that?  And the answer is yes, because no single human is liked by everyone.

Comparison is a trap to avoid. I refuse to compare myself or my work to anyone else. This keeps negativity from taking root so that I can continue to put my best efforts into my work.

Find your unique style and develop it to best suit you, your goals and your clients' needs. Your business and marketing should reflect you and no one else. Authenticity builds your reputation and your ability to serve your clients with integrity.

Karen can be reached at 413.896.0047,, on Facebook at Karen Slack and on Instagram at @karenslackbranding. 

  • “Karen is so real – fun, funny, kind, and patient. I love working with her and it shows in her photos,” says Joanne Papadimitriou.
  • "Enjoy the journey."
  • Juan is an Agawam realtor.
  • Devin is an Enfield-based realtor.
  • Dylan owns a digital marketing agency.