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West Springfield CPA Kerri S. Reed on What You Should Know About Working with an Accountant

CLWS: Does everyone need an accountant?

KSR: If you’re filing anything more complicated than a W2, then yes, you should hire an accountant. If you’re dealing with a business, rentals, depreciation of materials, you shouldn’t be doing your own return. Lots of people mess up deductions or get advice from the wrong sources.

CLWS: What should people know about working with a CPA?

KSR: We’re here to help you and we try to do what’s best for you. People don’t need to be intimidated. The old stereotype of the impersonal, hard-edged accountant is not who we are.

CLWS: What suggestions for good habits do you have?

KSR: Keep your receipts in one place so that you’re not scrambling at tax time. If it looks important, keep it. We’d rather have too much than not enough. Keep something in your car so you can immediately put your receipts in it.

CLWS: What is most rewarding about this work?

KSR: Reducing peoples’ tax liabilities and making their burden easier is the best part of my job, also, helping people get their business organized and reducing the fear of the unknown. Once people are used to working with us, they love it. I like working with small businesses and I enjoy small business planning.

CLSW: What would your clients be surprised to know about you?

KSR: I feel for people when they’re in a bad position. I take it personally. I get a lot of women clients, who seem to find me approachable. I will have the conversation with people about the details of their taxes until they “get it” – people appreciate that! Finally, people are surprised when I tell them I’m a single mom of four!

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