Kitchen 2.0

LMT Homes Walks Us through a Modern Kitchen

Above the hustle and bustle of downtown Asheville, there’s a quiet refuge from urban life. With its 22-foot ceilings, artist-commissioned steel doors and sliding glass walls, this home is a unique, modern build by Lauren and Mike Tamayo of LMT Homes.

 The home features a breathtaking backdrop of the mountains at sunset and the city skyline—as some have called it, a million-dollar view.

Throughout the home, the modern design emphasizes clean lines and open spaces without sacrificing functionality and flow.  With a trend toward open floor plans, the kitchen is now the showpiece of a modern home. This house is no exception. The expertly designed kitchen combines beauty and function with style and efficiency. High-end appliances, custom cabinets and stone countertops have elevated the kitchen into real estate’s most valuable room. 

For the appliance package, Lauren and Mike initially narrowed their selection based on a current color trend: black stainless steel. When they walked into Haywood Appliance, a locally owned and operated retailer, they were instantly drawn to the Dacor appliance display. 

Dacor’s designs are contemporary, sleek and durable. All of the products are crafted to be installed flush to the surrounding cabinetry for a fully integrated look. Lauren and Mike chose the Modernist collection for their kitchen appliances, which gives a sophisticated makeover to stainless steel. The dramatic graphite color presents a nice contrast to the Verge porcelain backsplash. The hexagonal tiles were crafted by a collection of artists from Red Rock Tileworks in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the age of automation, it may seem anachronistic that each Dacor appliance is hand-built in Industry, California. However, their approach speaks to the craftsmanship, skill and artistry of a high-end luxury brand. Dacor’s appliances integrate design, function and technology to create high-performing, intuitive products for the modern kitchen.

“My favorite feature is the cooktop that is connected to the hood. Every time I use it, the hood automatically turns on and adjusts itself to the required speed, [which is] based on the level of heat. As someone who is bothered by white noise, it’s a big deal that I’m saying that,” Lauren says.  

Her dishwasher, also a Dacor model, is a durable performer with a subtle and elegant design. The appliance has filtration systems, Energy Star-rated power management and ultra-quiet WhisperWash.

The Dacor oven’s most innovative and energy-efficient feature is instant start. Instead of preheating, the appliance automatically begins at the desired temperature. Cook different types of food without odor transfer or uneven cool and hot zones. Pre-programmed timers simplify cooking multiple items set at different times.

“All I have to do is hit start,” Lauren says. 

All of the Modernist appliances have integrated Wi-Fi to communicate with the Dacor iQ app. With this innovation, consumers can access the most popular feature of the refrigerator: iQ Remote View. Imagine being able to check your fridge for an item while standing in a grocery aisle. No more rushing back home or calling someone to confirm if there’s enough milk.

“It has proved helpful on many occasions,” Lauren says.

The iQ app also enables users to remotely control their other kitchen appliances including the oven, cooktop and dishwasher. The dashboard gives a quick glimpse of each and its current status (e.g., preheating, two burners are on), as well as the option to turn off/on features. Start a cycle in your dishwasher while away from home. Adjust the time and temperature of the oven from your couch.

Aesthetics, functionality and efficiency, all combined seamlessly are the hallmarks of the modern kitchen.

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