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Lee County's All American

Meet Brady Porvaznik as he rounds out his high school career

Article by Aubrey Sewell

Photography by Submitted by B. Porvaznik

Originally published in Fort Myers Lifestyle

Eighteen-year-old Brady Porvaznik is headed to Montreat College in North Carolina this fall to play baseball and to pursue an exercise science degree. Brady’s talent and skill on both the football field and baseball field, as well as his performance in the classroom, has made him a young man worth recognizing. For football, he was chosen as a Lee County All-Star to play in the All-Star game; he received an Allstate Honorable Mention; he was awarded a scholarship from the Rotary Club at the Ida Baker Crosstown Showdown game; and he was part of the All Academic Team. His baseball recognitions include being nominated for the Rotary Club’s Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Award and making the All Cape Coral Baseball Team.

Brady started playing baseball at the age of 5 when his dad signed him up for the Ruttenberg Little League team. Once he started playing, he loved it; baseball came naturally to him, with his dad coaching and encouraging him all along the way. One of his proudest moments as a little leaguer was hitting his first home run when he was ten; this was even more memorable for him as it happened on his parent’s anniversary (so sweet!). Another unforgettable moment for Brady was when he hit a walk-off double that led his team to the state playoffs. His baseball career continued to be successful as a First baseman in high school; he had 5 RBI’s in one game during his junior year; he finished off his shortened Senior year season with a .333 batting average, .385 OBP, 6 RBI’s, and going 3 /4 in his final high school career game.

With a solid baseball foundation built at a young age, it was no wonder that Brady went on to play baseball in high school. The surprise was his decision to join the football team during Freshmen orientation at Island Coast. Coming late to the game, having never really played before, he had to learn the ins and outs of football; he had to learn it from a technical standpoint and he had to learn how to aggressively dominate on the field. However, with his determination, hard work, and natural athletic ability, he picked up the game quickly and his skills soon matched those of his teammates.  He earned a starting position as a Freshman on the JV team and continued to hold that starting spot throughout his next three years of high school, playing as both a Tight End and a Defensive End.

Off the fields and in the classroom, Brady was a pleasure to have in class. He modeled what a PRO Gator student looked like; he was P-Prepared, R-Respectful, & O-On Time. He balanced his academics and sports by concentrating on his classwork and managing his time efficiently from bell to bell and then focusing on the task at hand once his feet hit the field.  Keeping academics a top priority kept him eligible to play the sports he loved and set the stage for his college career, finishing high school with a 4.21 GPA. When asked what his motivation force was in both of these areas, he said it was setting goals and putting in the work to achieve them. “I have to remind myself of the end goals.  I want to see how far I can go [push myself], while still performing at the top of the pack.”

Being a part of a team, or in his words, “ a brotherhood,” has impacted Brady in a huge way. Having teammates by his side has pushed him to work harder and stronger and has challenged him to be a better version of himself. He knows that for a team to be successful, everyone needs to be 100% in, fighting for one common goal. Knowing the members on his team, who have truly become his friends, have each other’s backs in any situation gives him confidence to step on the field. Regardless of which field he’s playing on, when he steps on that grass, he feels that adrenaline rush. “I try to have a clear mind and focus on the task at hand, but I still have those butterflies in my stomach. However, once the first play happens in football or the first pitch is thrown, all of the nerves go away and it is just time to play.”