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Lynne Williams

Financial Advisor,  Morgan Stanley

Before entering the world of Wealth Management, with Morgan Stanley, Lynne Williams invested 20 years in the commercial interior design sector. She is a wife to best-selling author, Tony Williams, and mother to a freshman at Clemson (Catherine) and Walsingham freshman (Paul). 

Q: What was the greatest piece of advice you received for your professional life?

A: “The president of the design firm I worked at, in Richmond, Virginia emphasized that “We MUST enjoy our clients”. This person was driven, caring, and diligent, and always stressed the importance of not taking on a client strictly for the sake of business. “It’s better to have clients that become friends, rather than friends who become clients.” 

Q: What would an indulgence, for someone so task oriented, look like to you?

A: One example would be easy to take from my recent celebration of my 50th birthday. My girlfriends know me so well, as they told me to pack a bag and whisked me away to an undisclosed camping destination. The mission was to unplug with wine and nature, and we did just that.

Q: What is a major life lesson you have learned on your journey?

A: Family is just so important to us. “Tony and I make a point of sitting down to dinner with everyone six out of seven nights each week.” One lesson we have learned is to avoid becoming so involved in our children’s lives that we lose touch with our own. Girlfriends are important, as we lean on one another to grow together. Date nights, and making time for personal fitness, keep me grounded. Attending whatever we can together are priorities, while realizing we cannot do it all. That allows us to move from task to purpose.

Page Bishop

Realtor, Liz Moore Realty

Q: Knowing you have a background in writing, and publishing, what did you want to be when you grew up besides that?

A: I always loved words. I grew up first wanting to be a librarian, then wanting to be a writer. I wrote a lot of poetry and short stories. I graduated from CNU with a degree in English/ creative writing. I see my love for books in my daughter now. She is a voracious reader!

Q: What do you most attribute the current success you’re finding real estate to?

A: I am so blessed to have an incredible network of friends in this community and don’t know how I’d survive without my “tribe”. My goal as a realtor is to treat all of my clients like family. Most of my clients BECOME family. I’ve met so many people through this job and am grateful for the opportunity to help people through major life transitions. 

Q: Who would you say has had the greatest influence on your journey?

A: My mom. She raised me and my brother as a single parent. She faced a lot of challenges in life but always navigated them with strength and grace. She always has such a positive outlook. She has loved and supported me through my own share of challenges. She’s the person I count on most.

Rachel Tyler

Wedding Coordinator, Preparers of The Bride

Q: Unrelated to wedding planning, what is the best advice you’ve been given?

A: When my first son was born I wanted to be the “perfect mom” and it was exhausting, and caused me an enormous amount of anxiety. My mom came to visit and she said, “Rachel things don’t have to be perfect. Some of the things you are stressing over can simply wait. Just enjoy him.”

Q: Who is a woman you look up to most?

A: There are three! My daughter, Shannon, and my two daughters in law: Paige & Ashley.

They are all simply, amazing women. Each very strong & independent in their own right. They are all great women in their career fields. Shannon is a teacher, Paige is a regional manager for a software company and Ashley owns a Physical Therapy practice. Most importantly, they are inspiring mothers, wives, and friends...

Cherri Green

Private Banker, Old Point Bank

Q: What female influences do you draw from?

A: My mother was a hard worker in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and I was unable to realize the sacrifices made until I assumed the role of a working mother. I also rely on my sorority sisters, in varying stages of life, to crowdsource perspective and wisdom. 

Q: What escape from routine do you look forward to most?

A: Exercise has become a real treat lately. Taking a Saturday morning to shut myself off, to read and get a manicure, is like a vacation. When my husband, Olin, isn’t traveling we may enjoy a cabernet to get the conversation started on our back patio, after the boys are in bed. 

Q: Why Williamsburg?

A: Growing up with the tourism roots of BVI, I love the energy that comes with a smaller community feel. Having two boys (9 & 12), with sports and familiar faces, we form a network of families that seem harder to find in a bigger city. 

Carlane Pittman

Director of MBA Programs, William & Mary 

Q: Who is a strong personal or professional influence?

A: My sister, Chadra, always personified a more “Hear me ROAR!” type of attitude. Her sense of fashion and selection of extra curriculars were inspiring. She now directs her passions toward her nonprofit, 4E.V.E.R. (End Violence End Rape) by embodying the Sankofa African principles of our ancestors. 

Q: What is the greatest advice you have been given?

A: The Golden rule, of “treating others how we would like to be treated” has always resonated with me. That message was forged in the Sunday school classroom, and reinforced by a loving mother. 

Q: Any guilty pleasures?

A: With a daily two hour commute, I cherish a peaceful run, or time to sit and crochet. I love creating, in a world where everything is available on demand. 

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