Accessorize Your Fall Wardrobe

Let Your Style Shine Through This Season

Article by Lynette Confer and Orion Tupper

Photography by Maile Mason Photography

Originally published in Bend Lifestyle

Fashion in Central Oregon often reflects our great love for the outdoors. On the following pages we have collected a few of our favorite accessories for fall that are both stylish and useful… whether you are off for an evening hike or headed to dinner downtown.

Fall Fashion

Our Bend Lifestyle models above, Orion and Tessa, are wearing clothing items found at Revolvr Menswear (945 NW Wall, Ste. 100) and Evrgreen Clothing (945 NW Wall St., Ste. 150), both downtown Bend. RevolvrMens.com, EvrgreenClothing.com

Silver Jewelry

Handcrafted silver jewelry complements any wardrobe. The bracelet: a Sonora Blue Turquoise oval cabochon stone is set on a sterling silver band. The ring: sterling silver bars with balls of various sizes set on a hammered band. Local artist, Silver Gypsy. @silver_gypsy1

Long Skirt & Jacket

No matter your plans, style that reflects our Central Oregon lifestyle does not have to be boring. This long sage-colored skirt (shown below left) and tweed jacket is comfortable enough for a hike in the woods, yet classy enough for a night out on the town. EvrgreenClothing.com


Silk scarves in a variety of colors and patterns provide warmth and express your unique sense of style. We found these at Merryweather, in Bend’s Box Factory. Merryweather.Shop  Tweed oversized (a fashion trend for this fall) jacket provides a cozy layer and versatility. EvrgreenClothing.com

Men’s Bags

Men’s sling bags are practical and stylish and come in a variety of sizes and colors. A lightweight tweed shirt is the perfect fall accessory, serving as a light jacket on cooler days. RevolvrMens.com Sunglasses with a warm copper frame are perfect for fall hikes. @jackandmillie_bend

 Men’s Jewelry

These silver minimalist rings for men can elevate a look and infuse it with a touch of luxury. Handmade leather bracelets offer a timeless look to any outfit. @jackandmillie_bend

Timeless Accessories

When it comes to Fall 2023 style, there are certainly trends in the industry. However, there are timeless pieces that never go out of style and will always be a welcome addition to any wardrobe. Add a favorite piece of clothing or an accessory that you bought years ago, something that belonged to a family member or a treasured piece that you found on a recent thrift store shopping adventure (thrifting is a trend all its own!) Whatever the case, accessorizing your wardrobe does not mean you have to buy something new. This Eddie Bauer leather jacket is one such piece… a timeless tool for accessorizing any outfit while also providing warmth and protection for those cool (or cold) Central Oregon evenings.

Women’s Bags

This versatile leather sling bag for women comes in a variety of colors. With other sizes and shapes available at Evrgreen Clothing in downtown Bend, the sale of these bags empowers and impacts women around the world.  

Accessories Add Style

When it comes to fashion, accessories have the incredible power to completely transform a look, adding that extra touch of elegance and style. They are the equivalent of sprinkles on ice cream, enhancing the overall experience.  From watches to rings, bracelets to scarves, hats to jackets, each piece plays a vital role in creating a well-rounded, stylish ensemble that stands the test of time.

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