Believe in the skin you're in

LifeHope finds a treatment to elevate you to the best you

There have never been so many customizable options for patients seeking minimally and non-invasive treatments for pre-juvenation and rejuvenation of the face and body as there are today.


At LifeHope the health professionals are not focused on simply making changes to clients, they are focused on facilitating the creation of one of the most beautiful traits a person can possess - confidence.  Their goal is to heal by achieving healthy relationships, building confidence, and encouraging greatness. LifeHope is not here to create beauty, but to help beautiful people feel confident enough to share their existing beauty with the world. 

Where to start.

A comprehensive consultation is essential.  What works for one may not always work for another.  Our needs are as unique as we are.  Taking the time to share your concerns, history, expectations and goals with your provider allows you to assist in the creation a treatment plan that works for you – your schedule, your timeframe, and your budget as well. LifeHope providers will meet with you, and then work with providers in each department to ensure that we are building an outline of care that meets the criteria. 


Want you to Jump with Joy, without worrying about the landing? Do you worry about leaking when you sneeze – run or jump?  Is discomfort during intimacy putting a damper on your love life?  If you have these or other concerns related to aging or childbirth, FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation can be life-changing with a convenient 9 minute, in-office procedure.  

Harmony™ XL Pro

When you look in the mirror and the vibrance that you feel on the inside is not being reflected on the outside, treatments with Alma’s Harmony XL Pro can improve the image looking back at you. Treatments are customized to address multiple concerns including tone, texture, uneven pigmentation, tattoo removal, and overall skin rejuvenation.  


You diet and exercise and still have stubborn fat that will not go away.  Now you can lose that fat, without surgery, by simply chilling.  CoolSculpting freezes unwanted fat that melts away over time with this minimally invasive procedure requiring no anesthesia and no downtime afterward.  

CoolTone ™

CoolTone targets muscles of the buttocks, abs and thighs to strengthen the core, tone, and firm by using magnetic muscle stimulation. Combined with your favorite workout routine, CoolTone has the ability to truly redefine the body.  

Soprano™ ICE Platinum

It’s Time To Retire Your Razor.  Tired of shaving, waxing, tweezing, threading or trimming it?  With this new in motion technology, hair reduction can be achieved with minimal discomfort and get you on your way to being hair-free and care-free.


We have all heard it, “I wish I could move fat from one part of my body to another”?  With Beautifil, you now can. Beautifill is a laser-assisted lipo-suction solution that allows fat cells to be harvested from areas such as the abdomen or love handles, and transferred to areas such as the breasts, face or hands for total rejuvenation.  Admit it, you would feel better about fat if you could put it in its place.




Scouring your face with hard crystals or abrasive grit can’t be good for your skin, Right? That’s why HydraFacial uses a soothing combination of water and oxygen to deep cleanse, exfoliate, provide intense moisturizers for quenching, and a gentle infusion of serums to address specific concerns. LifeHope's version of adult nap time.  

Beauty is defined in the eye of the beholder. When one sees and truly believes in their beauty from within, they can go about achieving the self-confidence needed to heal their mind, body, and spirit. 

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