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DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

They Said Yes!

Article by Tandya Stewart

      I feel like this post is long overdue considering the fact that I have been working on my bridesmaid proposal boxes for almost three months. Also, getting all of my friends in one place at the same time is very difficult considering one lives in SF and another just had a baby, but despite everyone having crazy, different schedules, we prevailed. I finally had the opportunity to ask my girls to be in my wedding over wine, bites and of course, champagne.

      I wanted my proposal boxes to set the tone for my wedding, as well as be unique and different from the typical premade boxes. So I filled mine with all the things that I love and included a little surprise to where my bachelorette party will be. Vegas!! For the longest time I wanted to go back to Napa, but I changed my mind last minute. I want one last turn up sesh with my girls before the big day. Trust me, we do not turn up anymore. I thought this would be one last good excuse to let loose.

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      About My Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

      1. Box – I ordered the boxes from Etsy and the font is Allura in gold chrome.

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      2. Champagne – I included a mini bottle of my favorite champagne. The girls and I went to Napa a few years ago and I fell in love with MUMM Napa, the winery and the Brut. So I had to include it.

      3. Flute – How can you drink champagne without a custom flute. I ordered my flutes from Crate and Barrel and purchased their name decals from Etsy. The application was easy and I saved almost $10 each doing this myself.

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      4. Candle – I ordered these candles from Judie’s Stories. Not only do they smell amazing, they are also 100% customizable. Mine read, “Now act surprised as if you had no ideas this was coming…. (name) will you be my bridesmaid?” This was perfect for me because my bridesmaids pretty much already knew who they were. No surprises there.

      5. Venus et Fleur Rose – I included a Venus et Fleur white rose in each box. White roses are my favorite and these ones last for a year!

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      6. Sleep Mask – This was probably the biggest surprise included in the box. My bridesmaids thought we were going to Napa and I switched it up on them last minute. My sister actually screamed when she saw the sleep mask said “Next Stop Las Vegas.” I purchased them from White Confetti and you can customize the city.

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      7. The Filling – Lastly we have the filling. I filled the box with Natural Excelsior, which is 100% natural, biodegradable wood, and I sprinkled pieces of gold on top.

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      My bridesmaids loved their boxes, and I hope this post gives you some inspo on creating yours!

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