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DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Yard Game

Spice up Your Next Outdoor Party with This Fun Game for Kids and Adults


Article by Audrey Kuether

Photography by Audrey Kuether

Do you have an upcoming birthday party or outdoor party coming up this summer? I have the quickest and easiest DIY yard game ever—DIY Flamingo Ring Toss. Both kids and adults are sure to enjoy this kitchy game.

Gather your few supplies, which can be found at your favorite local party decor or home improvement store.

What You Need

  • Small and large plastic flamingos
  • Toss rings (or you can use swimming pool rings that you might already have on hand)
  • A yard or flower pots filled with dirt or sand if you don’t have a yard
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What You Do

  1. Easily assemble the flamingos by firmly adding the metal legs to each one. 
  2. Choose a nice open spot in your yard, and stick the flamingo legs in deep enough to prevent the flamingo from falling over when pressure is applied. They look best when added randomly in a group at varying heights

That’s it. I told you it was laughably easy! If you don’t have a yard you could also get some terra cotta pots and paint them some fun colors. Just add some dirt or sand and stick the flamingos in each pot.

Grab your plastic rings and a few friends and get your DIY flamingo ring toss game on!

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