DIY Flamingo Snow Globes

Cool Down Inside with this Summer Craft

Article by Audrey Kuether

I have a thing for flamingos and palm trees, so I figured I needed to create a DIY project that combines the two…DIY flamingo snow globes!

They’re super easy and actually fun to make— I promise. Let’s get our craft on, shall we?

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Plug in your hot glue gun and gather your supplies:

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Take your lid and hot glue a palm tree and flamingo to it. Keep your items toward the center of the jar if your jar tapers in.

  • 3-flamingo-snow-globe-lid-300?v=1

If you plan on making multiples go ahead and repeat this step with another lid.

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Fill the jar to the top with water, and add in five to six drops of glycerine. This helps the glitter that is added in the next step float when the snow globe is shaken.

  • 5-flamingo-snow-globe-glycerine-300?v=1

Add a small amount of glitter in your chosen color—a little glitter goes a long way. I really like the way gold glitter looks, but you can use any color you’d like.

  • 6-glitter-gold-flamingo-snow-globe-300?v=1

Take your lid and place it into the jar upside down, and twist it on tightly.

  • 7-flamingo-snow-globe-lids-300?v=1

Give it a shake and enjoy your quick, easy, and cute DIY flamingo snow globe!

And if you’re feeling a little extra festive, go ahead and hot glue some embellishments on the base.

  • 8-diy-flamingo-snow-globes-with-fringe-300?v=1

Super cute, right? These DIY flamingo snow globes would make amazing birthday, hostess, or Mother’s Day gifts or even centerpiece decorations for a flamingo or summer-themed party.

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