DIY Stick Wall Hanging

Try this Rustic, Bold + Natural Decoration

Article by Audrey Kuether

A couple of years ago I created a DIY stick wall hanging for FREE using items I had on hand. 

Wanna make one for yourself? See the easy step-by-step tutorial below.

Gather your supplies.

  • 3-4 sticks (the smoother the better)
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • String and scissors
  • Spray paint (if you wish to spray paint a couple sticks beforehand like I did)
  • 1_supplies-sticks-300?v=1

Start by spray painting your sticks ahead of time if you want a look similar to mine. Once dry start, painting your sticks.

I laid mine out how they would hang on the wall so I could best plan my paint designs. I tried to paint one color at a time on all four sticks, and then added other colors in. I chose to leave some parts of the stick natural and non-painted to keep them a little more simple.

  • 2_paint-sticks-300?v=1

Once your paint is dry it’s time to start stringing the sticks together. Lay them flat on the floor how they will hang on the wall.

  • 3_paint-designs-sticks-300?v=1

Cut your string lengths two at a time. I try to keep them about 6 to 8 inches long to start. Tie your first string to the bottom stick, and triple knot.

  • 4_tie-strings-sticks-300?v=1

Take the remaining strand and tie it to the stick above. Triple knot when you are happy with the length.

  • 5_tie-sticks-together-300?v=1
  • 6_tie-sticks-together-300?v=1

Trim off excess string, but don’t cut too close to the knot to avoid it coming loose.

  • 7_cut-string-300?v=1

Follow the same steps on the other side of the sticks.

  • 8_connect-sticks-300?v=1

Once the two bottom sticks are tied together, take a new 6 to 8 inch string and loop it under the knotted string from the stick below, triple knotting it.

TIP: I like to hold the sticks up in the air to see how they look with each string secured to make sure they look even and I’m happy with the lengths

  • 9_connect-sticks2-300?v=1

Repeat the same steps from the first set of sticks until all of your sticks are securely tied together.

  • 10_connect-sticks3-300?v=1
  • 11_tie-sticks-togther-300?v=1

Take a 10 to 12 inch string to create your top string for hanging, and knot the string to the top stick sticks on both sides.

  • 13_tie-hanger-sticks-string-300?v=1
  • 14_stick-wall-hanger-300?v=1

Hang your very own DIY stick wall hanging, and step back to enjoy your work.  That’s it!

  • 15_diy-stick-wall-hanging-featured-300?v=1

What do you think? Easier than you expected, right?

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