DIY Watermelon Door Mat

A Fun and Easy Tutorial

Article by Audrey Kuether

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Calling all watermelon lovers! I’m excited to share a fun and easy tutorial on how to make your very own outdoor DIY watermelon door mat. It’s so easy I ended up making mine over my lunch break. I absolutely love how it turned out!

The hardest part for me was locating the perfect outdoor natural rug. I searched a handful of local hardware and home goods stores, but couldn’t find one, so unfortunately I ended up ordering online. The thing I love the most is that the mat is “double-sided” and I plan on painting the other side in a different design. Two for one is always a good thing. 

Ok let’s get started!

Gather your supplies

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The Steps

  • Take your marker and draw a watermelon shape on the sponge.
  • Take your scissors and cut out the shape. Just dig right in with your scissors and start cutting. The sponge is pretty easy to cut. You can even do like I did and cut the shape down so it’s not as thick. Just clean up the edges of the side you will use as your stamp until you’re happy with the shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I cut two shapes to help make it not so uniform.
  • Mix up your pink paint on a paper plate. I mixed pink and a coral color to get the shade I wanted.
  • Dip your sponge into the paint, and make sure it is fully coated. Press firmly down on the door mat. Since the mat is so textured the sponge won’t fill in the paint completely, but it does give you the watermelon shape you will need.
  • Repeat this step until your mat is covered and you are happy with the look.
  • I took my coral paint and spread it on the same paper plate.
  • Take your brush and fill in the shapes with coral. It produces a pretty pink and color. Repeat this step until all watermelon pieces are filled to your liking.
  • Take your green paint(s) and spread on a new paper plate.
  • Using your brush hand “draw” on the rind shapes. Use heavy blotting motions with my brush to ensure good paint coverage.
  • Repeat this step until all are rinds are drawn.
  • Take your black paint and spread onto a new paper plate.
  • Take a smaller paint brush, and dab on the seeds. Try to make the seeds random and different on your watermelons.

Once you’re happy with your seeds, you are finished! Simply lay your mat flat until it dries. Once dry, place it on your porch and wait for the compliments. This rug could be super cute in a pineapple or other fruit design as well. I might paint pineapples on the reverse side.

What do ya think? Wanna give it a try? I’d love to see your finished project on InstagramFacebook , or Twitter. Just give me a tag.

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