Dood Brood

Theo Takes Over Samson the Dood

Article by Robin Moyer Chung

Photography by Jessica Fokides + Mindy Briar

Originally published in Westport Lifestyle

Hey! I’m Samson. You may recognize me from Instagram’s “Samson the Dood.” Evidently Mom posts photos of me from her “computer” onto a “social media site” called “Instagram” and people “follow” me. I have no idea what any of this means. All I know is that I get to wear shades and swimsuits and - get this - I even have a tuxedo! I look quite dashing in it.

A couple of years ago I had a litter of puppies and Mom and Dad kept two of them. We… they… named them Charley and Shea. They’re fluffy and curly just like me and when we walk around we look like a pack of anthropomorphic teddy bears or large mop-heads. She threw them into the photos. Then six months later my parents bring home Theo.

Theo is a “human,” just like Mom and Dad. If I’m being honest, it’s an odd-looking breed. They only have fur on their heads and look kind of like hairless cats. But golden doodles don’t judge - suum quique and all that. Plus, they feed us.

When people visit us doods, we shake like furry jello salads and yell “Bark bark bark!” Which, if any human cared to Google translate means, “We love you, please stay with us forever.” They rarely do. Fortunately doods have short memories.

Okay… what was I talking about?

Oh yes! Theo!

So three months after Theo arrives, Mom takes a video of me and him snuggling. She posts it and people love it so much it goes “viral.” A famous person named “Ellen” puts it on her social media feed (I guess people eat social media, too) and something called MasterCard uses it for their commercial.

Right after that Dad starts staying home all day and we get lots of walks and meet lots of other dogs out walking and I’m thinking the world is finally perfect. Turns out, it’s a “pandemic” and I’m not supposed to love it. It’s hard for me to scale back my joy, but I tried… not that anyone noticed or gave me treats for my heroic efforts. Uch. Human breed. Anyhoo, my point is that people were at home and scared and clicked on “Instagram.”

People from all over the “world" commented that Mom’s posts of us doods and Theo made them happy and it was “therapeutic” for them. I’m all like, “We need more photos of me in my tux,” but Mom never bothers to Google translate when I speak.

Now we’ve racked up over a million followers and a bunch of our cuddle videos have gone viral.

Mom says that we’re popular because of timing - she just happened to post the right thing during a pandemic. But I know it’s because she’s smart and funny and always takes us on fun trips. She’s also doesn’t make us sell stuff or do stuff for money the way some people do on “Instagram.” We’re just a regular family who loves each other and who’ll pose for a photo if treats are involved.


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