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Enhance natural beauty and boost confidence with fuller eyelashes

Article by Kaylee Dusang

Photography by Courtesy of Amazing Lash Studio

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

Most people have to pile on coats of mascara or use tricky over-the-counter false lashes to achieve a set of beautiful, thick eyelashes. As the manager of Amazing Lash Studio Cypress, Michelle Vu finds that eyelash extensions are an effective alternative that add volume without the hassle of makeup products.

“I naturally have shorter eyelashes that make my eyes look smaller,” Vu said. “I usually get Gorgeous Full Volume (lash extensions) to help open up my eyes. When I don't have lashes on, it feels like I'm missing something.”

Woven from vegan, synthetic fiber, Amazing Lash Studio’s semi-permanent lash extensions are airy enough to mimic natural eyelashes. With the help of a licensed stylist, clients can choose from four styles (Gorgeous, Natural, Sexy and Cute) or create a hybrid that best suits their eye shape. For those seeking more glamor, the studio offers enhancements to increase volume.

Vu adds that lashes are popular for most age groups looking to simplify their makeup routine, including high school students in gymnastics, cheer and dance. “It helps achieve the mascara look without all the makeup and buildup, and lasts longer than just one day,” she said.

For the initial set of lash extensions, the studio suggests setting aside up to two hours for the appointment, which includes paperwork, prep, a one-on-one consultation and the lash application. Remember to arrive with a clean face void of mascara, contacts or other face products.

During the application, the studio creates a relaxing environment for clients by providing a plush massage table and cozy blanket while lashes are applied individually. Relatively quick and painless, many guests claim they fall asleep during the process.

Similar to any beauty or health routine, Vu says taking proper care of lashes will help them last longer and look their best. She advises brushing them two to three times a day and washing them with a cleanser to remove any oils and debris. Since lash extensions follow the natural eyelash cycle, refills are recommended every two to three weeks to maintain fullness.

“Everyone’s eyelash cycle is different,” Vu said. “Some people like the fuller look, but if their natural eyelashes can't handle it, then I recommend a lash serum to promote growth and help strengthen their natural eyelashes.”

For those who are not ready to commit to lash extensions, the studio offers other services. Consider a lash lift to give natural eyelashes a long-lasting curl, or brow and waxing services to give the face a healthy glow.

  • Natural: For a subtle look, Natural lashes follow the natural eye shape with a flare at the outer corner and short lashes at the inner corner. Natural works best on almond, protruding, monolid and close-set eyes.
  • Cute: Cute lashes are for those wanting a fun, doll-eyed look. Longer extensions applied to the center of the lash line make the eyes appear larger. These lashes look best on almond, deep-set, monolid, down-turned, wide-set and hooded eyes.
  • Sexy: One of the most popular styles, Sexy lashes apply longer extensions to the outer corners to give the coveted, sleek cat eye appearance that flatters almond, protruding, monolid or close-set eyes.
  • Gorgeous: The perfect addition for weddings, proms or any special event, Gorgeous lashes open up the eyes by placing longer lashes at the center that slightly shorten at the corners. This style is recommended for almond, deep-set, monolid, down-turned, wide-set and hooded eyes.

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