Family Notebooks Instead of Cards

Years of Messages All in One Place

Article by Andrea Larson

A few years ago, I decided I was done spending money on purchasing cards for every occasion for everyone in our immediate family. Instead, I decided to purchase notebooks for the four of us and use those notebooks instead of cards for every birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary, etc. This system has been wonderful and we are never turning back! We all look forward to reading our messages!

    There is no rhyme or reason to the notebooks, these are just blank ones I picked up and everyone agreed to. The idea is that every time a birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, graduation, etc, rolls around, the other people in the family write a little note inside the notebook with the date. If you have little kids, pictures work well! Or, have them dictate what to write. We started this when our kids were a little older, and I wish I had thought of it sooner! Think poems, love letters, simple notes! Whatever you are feeling! That is the beauty of the notebook and the blank pages!

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    We keep the notebooks in the office in one spot so everyone knows where they are. A few days before the occasion, we remember to get the book out and pass it around. By eliminating multiple cards, you create one space for all the messages and you cut down on the clutter! This will be easy for our kids to take with them when they eventually leave the nest.

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    If you have received cards that you would like to keep prior to using this system, you can just stick them in the back of the notebook for safekeeping and everything is still in one place! I just love looking back on the sweet messages.

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    I think it would be nice to write notes "just because" too! This is a simple and inexpensive way to share the love with your family! XO

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