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Style is unique and ever-changing.

I’m the kind of person who stands in my closet looking at my clothes and shoes, remembering events or times that I wore them, from a date night with my husband, ladies' weekend in Vegas, or a meeting here in town. A person’s style tells a story about who they are and where they’ve been. That’s what this issue is going to be for you, a journey of style, here in Scottsdale. 

My style, like many, has changed over the decades. From my 20s when I was living in big cities working in the corporate world, to mom life in yoga pants, and now in my 40s, back to feeling myself in heels and nicer clothes (easier now that the kids are older and not as messy). No matter what I wear, I wear it for myself. I wear it to feel my best. And when we feel our best, we are our best selves. 

So whether that’s a new pickleball outfit, pair of shoes, or custom suit, be your authentic style. Because as we all know, Scottsdale has a style all of its own. And we’re proud to show it off. 

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