How to Send Great Thank You Notes

Because Good Manners Never Go Out of Style

Article by Kimber Patterson

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Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

While “thank you” notes have been exchanged since the 1400s, they remain as important as ever today.

Of course, a simple note sent through the mail still does the trick because everyone loves to receive a thank you note.  Putting pen to paper is so personal in this digital age of emails and texts.  A handwritten note written with genuine gratitude can become a keepsake forever.  With just a few easy tips, it’s easy to let your feelings flow and craft a message that’s meaningful.  Any card will do, so don’t get too hung up on needing special stationery.  What you write inside is more important.  Be sure to speak from the heart, meaningfully and authentically expressing your gratitude.  Send your note within two weeks for the most impact.  And remember, saying “thank you” never goes out of style, just like good manners.

First Things First – Say Thank You  

This is simple enough.  Start out by writing “Thank you for…” and let your pen flow from there.   Specifically mention the gift you’ve received.  Don’t write, “Thank you for the present.”  Write, “Thank you for the cookbook.”  If you received the gift in person, mention how much it meant to you to see them.

Details Matter

Which is better? “Thank you for the scarf,” or “Thank you for the beautiful sapphire blue cashmere scarf. “  Add a sentence about when you wore it and how warm it kept you. “Let’s go for a walk in the park next week so I can show you how much I love it,” is a sweet way to spend time together.

Too Young To Hold a Pencil

Writing a thank you note for your young child?  It’s easy to write for kids because their enthusiasm is contagious. What’s their favorite part of their new book?  Share how much they play with that new toy. An original drawing from your child on the note will send grandma over the moon with joy.

The Gift of Gratitude

You don’t need a new trinket to write a thank you card (SPM Wire).  A short note thanking someone for help or acknowledging his or her act of kindness means a great deal.  If a neighbor shovels your walk because you’re in bed with the flu, a note expressing your appreciation will make you feel better, and will make their day.

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