Last-Minute DIY Halloween Decor

Halloween is Upon Us—Only a Few Days Left to Cram in a Last-Minute DIY Halloween Decor Project or Two

Article by Audrey Kuether

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I’m not normally a last-minute person on much of anything, but when Better Kansas City came calling last week asking me to whip up some easy and affordable Halloween DIY projects for my latest TV segment I agreed, of course. I started at the Dollar Tree and struck gold. I love that place! Then I headed to Michael’s for some more inspiration and found some cool items at 70-80 percent off. Boom.

The best part about procrastinating is that the craft stores offer their Halloween decor at deep discounts at this point, so at least you’re saving some major money. 

Here are a few ideas:

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DIY Spooky Centerpiece

At the Dollar Tree, and found a few bats, some black rocks, some faux crows, and a couple of black table runners. I knew I could turn them into something festive using items I could find around our house.\

Supplies needed:
2-3 fake hangable rubber bats
1-2 fake crows
Black river rocks
Sticks from your yard
Black spray paint
Old hurricane vase (the dirtier the better)

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Gather some sticks from your back yard, and spray them with one coat of black spray paint. Let them dry. Lay out your table runner to your liking. Take your hurricane vase and fill it with your rocks—they’re perfect for weighing the vase down once you start adding the heavier bats and crows. If you don’t use them the vase will topple over, so beware.

Start adding your sticks in to your liking. Take your bats and crow(s) and simply add them in.

That’s it. Easiest thing ever, right? I love that it cost me $7.

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DIY Skeleton Florals

On my trip to Michael’s, I found a styrofoam skeleton head in the same clearance aisle as some faux black florals. I knew I had to make the two work together.

Styrofoam skeleton head
Black faux florals
Wire cutters
Gold spray paint
Marker or pen

Take your skeleton and draw a circle to trace with your knife. Once the circle is traced you can also cut an X shape in the middle for easier removal. Hold the skeleton over the trash can and use your scissors to pry out the styrofoam to leave an indented hole.

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Next, spray paint the skull with your favorite spray paint—I chose metallic gold. Once dry, take your florals, and trim them down to where the stems are only about 4-5 inches long.

Take your largest floral (mine is a large rose), and place in the center.

Start adding the rest of the florals in around it until you’re happy with how it looks.

You’re finished! Again super easy, right? This one cost me about $7 as well.

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And here are a couple of photos of our dining table with a couple of different scenes using our new decor. Super gaudy, but fun, ha!

And some other decor around the house…

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P.S. If you want something even easier, the Dollar Tree also has some plastic skulls that can be spray painted any color. I chose black and gold, but fun, bright colors could be really fun too.

What do ya think? Are you hosting a Halloween party, and in need of some affordable and fun decor?  I suggest you give these a try. They took me about an hour from start to finish.

Happy Halloween!

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