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Plan an Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

Put Together an Easter Adventure Your Kids Will Remember

Article by Hayley Hyer

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Easter egg hunts are great for little tykes, but what do you do for your older kids who would find all of the eggs in less than five minutes? One year, my parents put together an Easter basket scavenger hunt, and I still remember it and think it was so fun! Here's a guide with everything you need to plan your own Easter adventure for your kids.

If you already have your baskets picked out and know what you are filling them with, scroll down to step 3 for the sample scavenger hunt clues and a free printable to write your clues on!

1. Choose a Fun Basket

After all of their hard work following clues to get to their basket, your kids will be so excited to find one of these unique baskets. They make whatever is inside look even more fun!

2. More Toys, Less Candy

Kids get plenty of sweets around the holidays from school, grandparents and more. Make your Easter basket one to remember with toys and accessories for the spring season. Here are some of my top picks based on what is currently trending with kids!

3. Craft the Clues

Start with where you want to hide the basket and work backwards as you write each clue. I've come up with a sample scavenger hunt using places and things most people have in their homes. My sample scavenger hunt has the kids working together to find one location where all of the baskets are so they don't accidentally find each other's clues and get mixed up. Feel free to copy this one or use it as an example to come up with your own!

Tip: Hide the baskets and clues after the kids are asleep and do the hunt first thing in the morning.

Download these free printables for scavenger hunt clues and certificates:

Easter Basket Location: Washer and Dryer

Final Clue Location: Taped on Laundry Room Door

This is your final clue. Hopefully your Easter baskets aren't dry clean only!

Clue #10 Location: Inside Microwave

If you are missing a sock, it might have been left here.

Clue #9 Location: Inside Refrigerator

Use this when you want your pizza rolls cooked quickly.

Clue #8 Location: Taped on Back of Plant Pot

Where can you find a healthy snack?

Clue #7 Location: Taped on Front Door

Look for a little bit of the outdoors somewhere inside.

Clue #6 Location: Inside Master Bathtub/Shower

What is something we don't open for strangers?

Clue #5 Location: Taped on Back of TV

Can you help us give [dog's name] a bath?

Clue #4 Location: Folded in a Blanket on the Couch

Look where all of your favorite characters and stories live.

Clue #3 Location: Inside a Backpack

Sometimes it gets cold in April. What do you do?

Clue #2 Location: Taped on a Bathroom Mirror

Make sure your homework is all done before spring break is over.

Clue #1: Wake the kids up and give them this clue to start.

Happy Easter! You look awesome this morning. Go see for yourself!

If you want a custom design for your clues and certificate with specific colors or your kids' names printed on them, send me a DM on Instagram and I'll be happy to do it for free.

​Have so much fun surprising your kids! Be sure to tell me how it all goes and tag me in your photos.

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