Why You Should Take Your Kids Surfing

Article by Andrea Larson

This post is all about how we took our kids surfing and why we would do it all over again! We happened to do this on our trip to Bali, but it can be done anywhere there is an ocean! The bottom line is, if you have an opportunity to take your kids surfing (or do it yourself), DO IT! You won't regret it!

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This idea of taking the kids surfing was first brought up by my brother-in-law and sister before our family trip to Bali. They have been before and their kids have surfed several places on their travels. We decided to go for it and booked surfing lessons.

This would take up one full day of our time in Nusa Dua, Bali since we had to drive to the destination, surf, eat lunch, and drive back. We hired a driver to take us down a bumpy path to the oceanfront strip. My brother-in-law found  Balangan Wave Surf School online and booked it prior to us leaving for our trip.

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All four kids (my two kids and my sister's two kids) signed up to surf, as well as myself and my brother-in-law. Everyone else watched from the beach.

We brought swimsuits, sunscreen, and towels. They provided the wet shirts, the surfboards, the shoes, and the zinc for our faces!

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Balangan Wave Surf School provided one-on-one personalized instruction in the water. This was so invaluable! Everyone felt safe and confident in their skills. The other nice part about this stretch of beach were the perfect beginner surfer waves. My kids have never surfed before and they were able to get up right away and repeatedly rode the waves!

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Kids are resilient, have a lower point of gravity, are smaller, lighter, and use a smaller board. They completely rocked it, I was blown away! What a confidence builder!

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I tried and tried to get up for two hours! I didn't do as well as the kids, but I will never regret trying! I'm all about experiences over things. Our kids were so appreciative that they got to try something new.

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Before you head out, the instructors make sure your equipment is secure and they hold an instructional session to get you comfortable with the process. Practice, repeat.

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We surfed for two hours. It's both exhausting and exhilarating! Afterwards, we grabbed lunch (Nasi Goreng of course) right at the place were we paid and got ready for surfing.

The adults had beers and we talked about what an awesome collected experience it was to have together. These kinds of memories are priceless!

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The laid back vibe of this surfing day was so awesome! We literarily bumped down a dirt road to get to this glorious view and destination.

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The instructors and owner Balangan Wave Surf School could not have been nicer or more welcoming! They have people from all over the world come to take surfing lessons in Bali. Such a dream!

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If you ever have the chance to surf, I highly recommend you try it! If your kids want to try it, let them! This was an experience we could never recreate in a lifetime and I'm so happy to have those shared experiences with my kids (despite the fact that I was a terrible surfer)!

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