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Lynne Spears shares her views on healthy living and her love of Refine Med Spa

It has been said that if you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to take time for your illness. Those are words that are well-spoken and we would be wise to heed their wisdom. And I’m sure we have all heard the “self-care” mantra that is so prevalent in today’s society; perhaps even suggesting it to our friends who were stressed out from all of the traveling, parties, Christmas shopping, and activities the holidays usher in every year. Fortunately, it's not too late, because with every new year comes new resolutions and new opportunities.

But sometimes the difficult part is knowing how or where to start. Fortunately Refine Medspa in Southlake is here to help. Refine is a locally-owned, luxury medspa that is dedicated to providing result-driven procedures and creating a caring experience to all of their clients.

Refine always starts with a new patient consultation, to listen to your concerns and provide a customized treatment plan to help achieve your goals. Your comprehensive treatment plan will be customized to best fit your needs and can usually be started the same day if desired or scheduled for a later date that is more convenient for you.

Refine offers a variety of spa services, including injectables, aesthetic and laser treatments, and skin maintenance, all of which are minimally invasive with quick recovery times; which makes them great options for those who are not ready for surgical interventions.

But what really sets Refine apart is the experience their staff brings to the table. The injectors at Refine are both licensed nurse practitioners, which can be rare at other spas and that’s incredibly important because when it comes to having needles inserted in your face, you definitely want someone with advanced training in anatomy. And for those who feel facial injections are just a practice in vanity, consider this: Refine has been able to help some of their clients with balancing facial asymmetries, palsies, as well as scar and injury revisions. These treatments can often be life-changing for patients by restoring their confidence and helping them overcome insecurities in their appearance. And you know what they say, while bangs don’t look good on everyone, confidence does.

Confidence goes a long way towards your overall health and wellness, something that’s not lost on Lynne Spears, who was encouraged by one of her friends to give Refine Medspa a try. And even after just a couple of sessions, she said the results were noticeable. “I came for one visit last year with a couple of girlfriends, and then came for a second visit this year and loved it,” she said, “I really love all-natural things and I’m always looking for healthy alternatives.”

Spears said that a couple of her very close friends have already noticed a tightening in her neck and a difference in her appearance. But she knows that true wellness goes beyond just the body, and includes the spirit, mind, and soul as well. Spears said her day starts with the four “F’s” - Faith, Family/Friends, Fitness, and Finances.

Having always been a person who enjoys routines, begins and ends her day with faith through devotionals and spending time in a quiet place to pray and reflect. A good diet - “Less is more,” Spears says - and exercise are also important keys to having a healthy and balanced life. Spears says that she uses light weights with lots of reps and goes swimming in the summertime as part of her healthy lifestyle. But she knows connections with the people we love are the most important thing. “I’ve got great girlfriends and I don’t know what I’d do without them. And family is everything,”

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