Exploring on Horseback

Academy Riding Stables: Preserving an Important Piece of Region's Heritage

Our dusty, sun-kissed Colorado Springs has always made a concerted effort to illustrate our western-rooted life – leather chaps worn by the cowboys, perfectly broken-in atop their sweetly majestic horses that so much of our state was explored upon.

This isn’t lost at Academy Riding Stables where the activity, the animals and the heritage are honored, reveled in and cherished. The historic role horses played in becoming familiar with the land is something held close by many and some would swear it remains the best way to see where we live.

The Beauty of Horseback 

Horses have a way of stirring a feeling in us. They make us want to press our feet into the soles of our boots, find our favorite pair of Levis and saddle up for an hour (or maybe two) as we ride through our breathtaking piece of the country.

Academy Riding Stables offers this experience through one of our hot spots: Garden of the Gods. If you’ve never ridden a day in your life, or if horses are a part of your heartbeat, there is a saddle for you here. The guides really treasure what they do. Day in, day out, they love these creatures. They take pride in saddling them up and helping others hoist upon their saddles in order to familiarize themselves with the Garden of the Gods area.

Fun for All Ages

As you weave throughout Garden of the Gods park, your guide has secrets of the land to unearth in the midst of enjoying the views, the friends or family you’re with, the guests you are showing around, or while you’re spicing things up after having lived here a while. And if your littles love ponies as much as you love your littles, Academy Riding Stables has the sweetest little saddles for their family of ponies. For your two- to seven-year-olds, this is the perfect activity to mix up the week and it is not one they’ll soon forget.

Located a stone's throw from Manitou, the stables are accessible, experienced and full of adventure. Some days, it’s best to get out and behave like a tourist—after all, there’s so much to see in our own backyard, shouldn’t we be familiar with it all?

Website: academyridingstables.com/
Facebook: @AcademyRidingStablesGardenOfTheGods
Instagram: @academyridingstables

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