The Giving Machines are Giving Back to the Community

How one machine gives back to the community!

It is the season of giving and for many of us, it is time to look for the best ways to give back to our community. Now, there is a very cool way for people to give back with donations, where 100% of the donation is given to charity. 

The Giving Machine is a vending machine where you can donate to a selected charity that aims to help someone in need. Basically, it works just like any other vending machine. You swipe your credit card, but rather than buying something for yourself, you are really buying much needed and perhaps life-saving items for those in need. 

Community Leader Fran Lowder, who is helping to organize the program in the valley, shares that there is an application process for charities in the region and once the charity is selected from the application process, they will be told about the participation.

100% of the proceeds will go to these local charities, and it isn’t just happening in Gilbert. The vending machines are in more than 50 locations worldwide, 7 of which will be located across the valley. We are the only state according to Lowder with more than 2 locations. The Gilbert machines are located at Hale Theater and the water tower across the street. The local machines will be live on November 17th and will run until January 1st. 

The Giving Machines make it easy to support global and local charities that provide those in need with items such as clothing, eyeglasses, medicine, personal hygiene supplies, sports equipment, wheelchairs, and much more. Across the world, it is expected thousands of people will use the machines, translating to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Volunteers from the valley will keep the machines stocked and make sure they are in working order.

The overall mission of the Giving Machines is to help people during the holidays to be able to serve their own community in a unique way that can become an annual tradition for families across the valley. The community finds a way to come together, not only to warm the hearts of others but to bring that feeling of doing good in your own heart.

This year’s charities have been selected and are:

  • East Valley Machines

  • Winged Hope

  • Care for Life

  • Manes & Miracles

  • ASA Now

  • Chandler Care Center

  • St. Vincent de Paul

  • Global Charities

  • Mentors International

  • Water Aide

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