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How Astroworld and crawfish brough this powerhouse couple together

It was summertime in 2000 when Tasha and Paul Wilburn met for the first time. They were 14 years old and began a powerful friendship. Through highschool they kept in touch and were close friends before each going there separate ways after graduation. However, the distance couldn't keep them from maintaining their bond and friendship. After years of separation, Tasha saw Paul make a post on social media that read, "Don't be trying to get at the kid when crawfish season start. Y'all think y'all slick." Being an avid lover of crawfish, Tasha saw the humor in this and responded with, "I'm trying to hit you up BEFORE crawfish season starts!". The rest is is history and not only did Tasha get her crawfish, but she got the ring as well! This year they will be celebrating their 2nd year of marriage and beyond the marriage they will both be celebrating anniversaries for their businesses right here in Pearland. 

Tasha is the owner and founder of Get Waisted Body Bar. She offers detox products, weight loss products, cleansers, immune boosters, libido boosters and all natural feminine hygiene products. You can find more information on her products and services at www.whatstheteatox.com. 

Paul opened up Spice Buddy Den & Grill in 2021 here in Pearland in the Silverlake Shopping Center at 9603 Broadway St Suite 105, Pearland, TX 77584. At Spice Buddy, Paul serves up a whole list of comfort foods and their famous H-Town Philly. This month, Spice Buddy will also serve up Paul's famous crawfish every weekend, so be sure to come out and give them a try! 

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