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Make Your Life Cozy

Enhance Your Wellbeing Through Interior Decor

World events have resulted in many of us spending more time in our homes than we may have previously imagined or expected.  Even those of us living in the ever-changing, hot and cold Montana climate.  

In Montana and around the world, our homes have grown into more than just a shelter.  The design industry has recognized this and creating comfort in our homes has become a dominant trend.  Scandinavians have seized onto the comfort trend and have become some of the happiest people on the planet- despite a cold Montana-like climate. They have developed a design mindset that focuses on the good parts of our shared annual hibernation. The Danish have even named the concept: “Hygge” |hue-ga|.  There is no direct English for the translation, but I like to think “a coziness of the soul” is the best fit.

Picture yourself enjoying the comforts of a roaring fire, a steaming hot mug of chocolate, and a fuzzy blanket wrapped around your shoulders. The cold snow at bay outside as you enjoy your own slice of heaven.

You can pull the abstract idea of Hygge into your own reality by combining Scandanavian and Boho design.  Emphasis should be placed on natural materials, clean lines, layers of comfort, and an abundance of handcrafted items.  Select these items for your space with intention.  What gives you the most comfort?  Don’t forget the house plants!