Making Room

Joe Lobert of Archer Construction shares the mission and philosophy behind his successful Lowcountry business.

“A home is typically the biggest investment someone makes and so construction projects are an emotional process,” Joe Lobert explains. He’s the principal in a 15-year-old business, but like all the team members at Archer, the construction dust in his veins runs far deeper. For one, they all either studied at the College of Charleston or grew up locally which means they have a genuine appreciation for the preservation of Lowcountry homes and in some cases, 300-year-old buildings. 

“It means everything to know this area and what preservation entails. What we bring to the table is an intrinsic understanding of what it means to build in the Lowcountry. Sometimes a house sits around an old oak tree and we have to not only understand and work within certain guidelines, but have a ‘stewardship of land’ attitude where construction is in harmony with nature in this area.”

If you were to ask Joe what he does for a living, he would tell you he asks a lot of questions and listens deeply. It’s the best way to manage expectations. But as always, the devil is in the details and that is where Archer Construction shines because the expectations they manage are the ones they also plan on exceeding to the best of their abilities.

In today’s building climate of extended deadlines and busted budgets, it’s easy for construction projects to get out of hand. “Put yourself in your clients’ shoes: they are spending a lot of money and it’s up to us to make sure we realize their dreams in an agreed upon timeline and price. and make it perfect.” 

New construction or historical restoration, the Archer team approaches each project like a huge puzzle. Their primary job, from start to finish, is to put the budget together and work through all the details with the architect to capture his vision as well as that of the homeowners. Then they line up what’s on paper and take it to the field to make it a reality, managing a team of architects, designers, and vendors along the way. “There are potentially 200 tradesmen coming and going, and they each need direction and marching orders. Work needs to be constantly checked to make sure it is done to the highest standards. Simultaneously, we are ordering everything to make sure we are one step ahead of the game, so we meet deadlines. From the foundation to the roof, every little detail is taken into account.”

There’s no place like home, especially your own home. Joe understands the depth of truth behind this classic sentiment, and his efforts are always aimed at cultivating and preserving it. That's the goal. So, Archer Construction isn't just building rooms - they're making room for memories to be made. This is a company that strives, ultimately, to create spaces that play host to our own histories, our stories. The spaces where our lives unfold. 

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