Making the Switch to Solar

Sunrun has highly customized solutions for solar power

With energy costs soaring, solar power is gaining traction, and Chicopee’s Payden Yates guides customers through the benefits of solar throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. Payden was interested in solar energy and achieving a better work–family life balance, and became a Sunrun contractor in 2019. Sunrun is the largest and top U.S. residential solar company. 

“During college as a chemical engineering major, I learned about the constancy of the sun; the power it provides gives life to everything on earth,” he explains. “Harnessing that power to turn on my own lights and charge my phone became a reality when I discovered the solar industry. I love that solar uses an unlimited, free power source and has much fewer restraints on efficiency than fossil fuel methods, which exist in a limited amount. Solar also makes a home look more modern, and doesn’t require any extra space, since it uses existing roof space. Solar just makes sense to me.”

Solar panels create energy from sunlight — not heat — so you don’t need to live in a warm-weather state to generate solar power. Payden uses Sunrun’s proprietary modeling tool to design custom solar energy systems based on each home’s unique characteristics and needs.

Solar panels mean a predictable, lower electric bill, independent from utility rate increases. You can store power with a Sunrun Brightbox for outages, and if you have an F-150 Lightning EV, a Ford Charge Station Pro bi-directional charger uses your solar for charging. If there is a power outage, you can also power your home from your truck, which serves as a portable storage battery.

Both Massachusetts and Connecticut offer tax credits, and you may also be eligible for property tax exemptions and rebates. No matter what state you live in, you’re eligible for the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) if you purchase a home solar energy system outright, whether you pay cash or finance. 

If you choose to lease for your system, any incentive savings you would’ve received through tax credits and rebates with a system purchase can be passed to you in the form of a lower solar bill. Sunrun will claim that tax credit and use it to give you a lower lease payment, resulting in a lower electric bill that replaces your utility bill.

 If net energy metering is offered in your state and by your utility company, you may be eligible to earn credits on your bill for excess solar energy you produce and send to your utility company, and can use those credits at night toward drawing electricity from the grid at a lower cost.

And if you sell your home, solar panels are a huge selling point, and your system and all discounts and warranties transfer to the new homeowner like a normal electric bill. Payden notes that solar “can increase your home’s value, and houses with solar sell 20% faster according to Zillow and Realtor.com.”

Payden loves creating solar solutions for customers. “One customer was struggling as a single parent with power cost rate increases that had become far outside her budget,” he explains. “She was surprised to learn that she wouldn’t have to pay anything extra to get the panels installed. After the system was turned on, her bills dropped back into her budgeted amount and were independent from future rate increases. Needless to say, she was ecstatic after her solar was turned on!”

Explore Your Solar Power Payment Options

Monthly Lease
With as little as zero down, lock in predictable rates.

Prepaid Lease
With a single payment, lock in home-use solar energy at the best price.

Monthly Loan
With little to no upfront cost, get fixed monthly payments and a competitive interest rate. 

Your home system purchase means you may qualify for federal and state tax credits, bill credits for excess solar production, and property and sales tax exemptions.

Payden Yates of Chicopee is a contractor for Sunrun and has assisted over 2,000 individuals in Massachusetts and Connecticut to learn more about solar and helped many of them get approved for installation. He can be reached at 833.324.5886, or visit the Sunrun website at sunrun.com.

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