Making Those Special Dinning Occasions Even More Personal, In Your Home

Meet Personal Home Chef Brian Greene

The demand for a personal chef has skyrocketed over these during the pandemic, and for good reason. These chefs come to you and will cook an elegant, fun and always delicious meal right there in the comfort of your own home. Chef Brian Greene, a local personal chef, has turned his passion for cooking into his own business. He has been cooking for years, and the passion all started when he began cooking for his family in high school; It was something he was good at and just came naturally to him. He worked at some of the world-renowned restaurants at Disney and took some of those learned skills with him into his clients' kitchens.

Once you decide on wanting Chef Greene for your elegant dinner party, intimate date night, or even fun brunch, he will coordinate with you through consultation to find what menu will work for you and your guests. He has a preset menu of crowd favorites but is always open to creative new suggestions. On the day of your event, he will show up early to set up in your kitchen, bringing whatever ingredients he needs to create your special meal. As your guests arrive, he already has a game plan in place on how everything will be served and presented. He even interacts with you and your guests to provide that over-the-top service that you just don't usually get at a restaurant. Each course is plated carefully and without a detail out of place. Chef Greene will then serve each course while explaining what delicious food he has just cooked for you. He also offers a custom cocktail menu or other non-alcoholic drinks if you just so choose to. We had selected the five-course meal and everything we had left us thoroughly impressed and satisfied. 

The first course was the chicken corn chowder which was packed full of flavor, and I could hardly believe it was all made that same evening because it had the deep flavors of a soup that had been simmering all day. Next, we had the appetizer, and he had chosen a crab cake with parsnip remoulade; the crab was delicious and was not overpowered by needless breading. This was one of the best ones I've had the pleasure of eating in such a long time. The salad was a simple yet tastefully cultivated winter salad that was light and refreshing. The entrée was the star of the show, and for really good reason, it was a filet topped with large garlic herb shrimp and potato leek au gratin. The smells that came from the kitchen while these steaks were cooking had us all mouthwatering. The steaks were a great cut and perfect size, and the shrimp was everything a juicy shrimp should be when you order it and was absolutely devoured. While he was making our last course, dessert, we were worried we wouldn't have room after that incredibly satisfying main course. However, Chef really pulled through with a light and airy "brulee citrus with toasted meringue" that somehow still left us wanting more of it by the end of the evening. Few things bond a group of people together like good food, and I think that's precisely what happened over the course of the evening. 

Thanks to Chef Greene, we had a personalized yet delectable experience while having a blast at the same time. If you are attempting to decide on hiring a personal chef, Brian Greene is going to be the right choice, no matter what you are looking to accomplish.

Sublime Chef Greene | 407-785-5959 | | @sublime_chef_greene

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