Making Your Home Your Haven

These are difficult times and home has become more important than ever.

If there’s something I’ve learned in my years in interior design, it’s that home matters. We all say it, but then we’re hardly ever there, or we neglect our living spaces until we hate being in our homes. This “sheltering-at-home” time has reminded me again that home is the center of our lives. Even if you live by yourself, your home should nurture, protect, feed your soul, provide rest and respite from the outside world, and inspire you. Sound like a lot? Your home can do all of these things for you if you put some time, thought, resources, and even some advice from a professional into it.  Making your home more beautiful and functional with the right floor plan, furnishings, color scheme, correctly placed artwork and accessories, and window treatments can be the finishing touches that make you sigh with relief when you come through the door.

Under the four tips:

Clean Out, Clean Up:  The first step in creating the home atmosphere you want is in getting rid of everything you don’t want or need. Start cleaning out today, and be merciless. You will feel empowered and encouraged.

Determine How You Live: Is it just you and the kids and pets at home every day? Do you or your spouse work from home? Do you entertain, or would you like to start? Take an honest look at your lifestyle.

Settle on a Style and Stick With It: Country Rustic? Urban Farmhouse? Traditional and formal? Modern Glamour? Research styles, settle on one, and go with it. Your furniture, paint scheme, floor plans, and accents should all enhance, as well as declare your lifestyle story.

Don’t Forget the Details: Window treatments are top priority in providing privacy and comfort but are especially powerful in turning your house into your haven.  Rugs, lighting, art, and accessories are also essential, but here let this be your standard: Fewer things, better quality.

Nancy Waddell

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