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Malia the Magnificent

One young author uses spells to bring dreams to life

Article by Joanna Sanchez

Photography by Brandi Ali Photography

Originally published in Pearland Lifestyle

In 2018, an out-going, adventurous, and brave little girl with not only a huge smile but also heart finished writing her children's book. An amazing achievement for someone so young and inspiring that at such a young age she possessed skills even many adults do not. With the thought process at first that “only grown-ups did that” Malia Shaw continued to make up spells read about them until one day mom and dad helped make them come true. Her parents both entrepreneurs and passionate about trying new endeavors encouraged their daughter to write and take her dreams further.

What made you want to write a book?

Honestly, it was a random idea I had. I really did not know that I could write a book because I thought only grown-ups did that. My parents are big into letting me try new things, so they encouraged and supported me the whole time.

How did you come up with such a beautiful storyline of the magical power of belief?

During my time at summer camps, I would take a journal with me to pass the time and I would write down little spells that rhymed just for fun honestly. I was really into the movie series The Descendants at the time so that movie influenced me a lot.

Do you think your passion for writing will lead you to write another book in the future? The older I am getting, the busier I seem to be which makes my mom laugh, but it is true. Sometimes it is hard for me to sit still and think of a topic for another book. I would really like to write another if I think of a great topic and I get the chance.

Ok, besides being an author what does a kid like you enjoy doing for fun?

I am really into writing of course, dancing, roller skating, and playing Roblox with my friends. We have a blast and laugh so much together. Doing this really helped during the pandemic.

Who are your favorite authors/books? My favorite books are hands down The Baby Sitters Club Series written by Ann M. Martin.

Really, that is interesting because they have been out for a while. Who is your favorite character?

Kristy for sure. I love her character honestly because she is bossy, independent, and smart. I would like to think I am a little like her but not so bossy.

What advice would you give others about following their dreams?

The best advice is to just keep trying and never give up. When life gets hard or if you feel like you are not good just keep going. I thought I could not write a book but as you can see I did!