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Malibu PTAs Support & Enhance Education

The Malibu PTAs are a strong and tight-knit group of parent volunteers focused on enhancing students’ elementary school education and experiences.

“We raise monies needed to promote the support and growth of our respective schools and children,” explains Gabi Frank, PTA President at Point Dume Marine Science School. “Our fundraising provides extra programs, books and supplies, to name just a few things we are unable to get from the district.”

The funds raised by the organizations are vital to promoting students’ educational journey in the public school system.

“Collectively, we are a strong and powerful advocacy group fueled by the shared desire and common goals of providing support for our Malibu public schools as a whole,” Frank says.

Celebrating Unity

To that end, the 2nd Annual Malibu Festival hosted by Malibu’s three public elementary schools united the community with an all-ages festival-style fundraiser benefitting all of Malibu’s public elementary schools. The festival took place on May 6, and 100% of the proceeds benefitted Juan Cabrillo, Point Dume Marine Science and Webster elementary schools.

“The festival was conceived of to bring further unity and solidarity amongst our three elementary schools: Juan Cabrillo Elementary, Point Dume Marine Science Elementary and Webster Elementary,” Frank explains.

“The message of our unity runs deep and spreads beyond the 27 miles of Malibu,” she notes. “We have growing participation from parents and the whole of the Malibu community, including much needed financial support from Malibu businesses. Our gratitude for the swell of support from local businesses is unending.”

Some of the many sponsors of the Malibu Festival included Scott Gillian Unvarnished, which donated a large sum of money; as well as David Charvet of Jones Group, Toy Crazy, Shade Sunscreen, Boys and Girls Club, AMPS, KBU Radio, Duke’s restaurant, Sunlife and Organic Curry.

Activities offered during the festival included rock climbing, a homemade cake walk, archery, obstacle course, cookie decorating and a treasure hunt. The event also featured live student-centric local bands, fresh food from area restaurants and independent caterers, as well as a game truck, golf simulator and Hot Wheels track. 

Putting on the festival “was a huge undertaking, to put it mildly,” Frank emphasizes.

“It could not have been accomplished without the brunt strength of a group of tenacious women...then we had chairs from each of the three schools,” she says. “Although we were all in charge of some department, we would never shy away from helping out where we could. It was a momentous effort and very stressful, but also garnered untold rewards for our community.” 

Vital Support

The Malibu Festival is just one way the Malibu PTAs help support the schools. Additional avenues include the Malibu Schools Leadership Council, led by Stacy Rouse.

“This is a very important committee which I am a part of, as are the other PTA Presidents, and leaders of our school community and Malibu community,” Frank says. 

“This committee is vitally important and a means for all of us to stay abreast of current topics happening in our schools, district and community at large,” she notes. “It is here we also find out about each other’s upcoming fundraising events so we can dispense the information via schoolwide letters, social media and other ways to support raising money.” 

The goal of every PTA is to support the educational and social journey of our children, Frank adds.

“It is to impart to our parent body the importance of parent engagement and responsibility to all the children, not just our own,” she says. “To remind parents, students and teachers that we are a community, and that together we are stronger and can achieve the best for our kids.”