Mark Hunter Keeps it Outside

Hunter Termite and Pest Management Prioritizes Transparency and Accuracy

West Springfield’s Mark Hunter has figured out what is important in life. As a business owner, his concern with honest and appropriate customer service is his top priority. He launched Hunter Termite and Pest Management last year and is bringing his blend of experience and integrity to the residents and business owners of our area.

Mark has worked in the industry for more than 20 years and decided last year that the time was right to go into business for himself. With a focus on wood-destroying insects, Hunter Termite and Pest Management prioritizes personal attention for each customer and stresses the importance of getting an accurate assessment of your situation before tackling the problem. Mark holds a Category 43 commercial license, which focuses on termite control; this level of training is more specialized than a standard applicator’s license.

When it comes to addressing homeowners’ pest problems, it is important to work with a specialist with the proper license and training. “Transparency and honesty are important,” says Mark, noting that oftentimes, companies or home inspectors don’t distinguish between termites and carpenter ants. However, the two treatments vary greatly in cost and need to be treated differently. “I am here to help people. I want to be straightforward and honest with customers.” He notes that homeowners can save themselves money in the long term by getting a pest inspection every few years. Paying $50 to $150 to identify issues early on can save a lot of money and trouble down the line. An informed approach of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) helps homeowners balance effective prevention and treatment.

Mark’s business ethics are easy to sense as soon as you meet him. His integrity and “do unto others” philosophy grew out of his early years, which were incredibly difficult. A native of Springfield, he entered the foster care system as a teen and spent the next six years struggling for survival. An introduction to one of Jehovah’s Witnesses was the turning point. At age 20 he began studying and applying Biblical principles and started turning his life around.

Now happily married and a father, Mark notes that his principles are based on the Golden rule. “I am here to serve. There is hope for anyone who is struggling,” says Mark. “There’s always hope. A bad past doesn’t have to hold you back.” He has shared his story of growth and renewal as inspiration for thousands of people at conventions and assemblies.

Balance is important to Mark and he prioritizes, family, friendship, and his love of the outdoors. With his wife, Nancy, Mark enjoys the flexibility that his work provides. The Hunters enjoy traveling, particularly to southeast Asia, and Mark is a snowboarder.

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