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Making Money Matters Work

Matt Collins is helping families plan for tough times

Insurance professional Matt Collins often finds himself in peoples’ lives at times of stress and challenge. He takes great satisfaction from offering workable solutions to financial problems.

Debt-remediation and insurance solutions are about preparing people for the inevitable bumps that life delivers. Foreclosures often result from medical scenarios, such as a heart attack or cancer diagnosis, but planning and protection can save families from losing their homes.

The planning and advisory processes take time and trust. Simply put, people don’t like to think about what’s going to happen when they pass away. “I tell people, ‘This might be an uncomfortable conversation,’ and I’m upfront about what to expect,” Matt says. “Peoples’ defenses are up in this scenario. I like to be up front with the obstacles right away.”

“Doing the right thing for my clients is my top priority,” says Matt. “What makes sense for them is my bottom line.”

Matt works with Symmetry Financial Group, offering insurance products that serve as investment and savings tools. One of their specialized programs, Debt-Free Life, is achieved through a whole life insurance product. “We go through a financial fire drill, getting real numbers on the client’s entire financial picture, then we use technology to identify inefficient spending within that picture,” says Matt. “We redirect inefficient spending into a savings program with compounding interest….this is not your grandfather’s life insurance. It can do so much more than people realize.”

Matt has made a career out of helping people in tough times. “I’ve always been drawn to that kind of work,” he says. “Helping people prepare for tough times is helping people in the best way possible.” Before landing in Westfield, Matt spent time as a volunteer firefighter, EMT, and as a law enforcement park ranger with the National Park Service.

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