Matthew Klyn Makes Outdoor Magic

Space is something Midtown residents rarely take for granted. Making the most out of every single square foot is imperative, especially with outdoor spaces. When it comes to designing landscapes, Matthew Klyn is the absolute best. 

With a couple of decades of experience under his belt in Atlanta alone, Matthew has added his special touch to front and backyards, rooftops and courtyards all over the southeast. 

Midtown Lifestyle recently had the opportunity to photograph a couple of the outdoor spaces Matthew has designed in the city. The rooftop deck/garden and courtyard located near the intersection of 10th and Piedmont streets are absolutely beautiful. The rooftop, in particular, feels like an outdoor home with lush greenery, comfortable seating and a chic kitchen Matthew simply describes as “bangin'!” The courtyard is equally as impressive, particularly the custom bespoke waterfall and stone fire pit. 

One look at Matthew and you can immediately see he has a unique fashion sense. He dresses in a lot of layers and textures, which often translates over to his landscape design as well.

“My gardens are all layers and textures. There’s not a lot of bloom in them. It’s contemporary yet organic."

Modern is a term that is thrown around a lot in the design ethos. Matthew subscribes to the word when describing his designs, but not in the way that most would expect.

“It’s modern, but not in the cold, stone way that most designers do. For me, modern is a weird monster; you can go 10 yards past it or fall 6 inches short,” he says. “It’s a really fine line.”

When asked how he is able to make such beautiful yards with such limited space, Matthew shared the method to his magic.

“You cannot cut a corner. Every single detail matters in that thing. If it’s an acre of land, I can cut corners and still make it look like a million bucks. But when you’re talking 600 to 700 square feet, if that, you have to see everything. There is no room for error.” 

Another reason Matthew is so good at landscape design is that it is actually in his blood. His grandfather was a nurseryman, and he says he was born and raised a nurseryman as well. Matthew literally grew up in potting sheds and greenhouses, so his knack for outdoor design comes naturally.

When you’re so great at something for so long, it is natural to take on new and exciting challenges. After designing spaces in Atlanta for 20 years, Matthew decided that building and designing spaces wasn’t enough, so a few years back, he began doing real estate to find additional fulfillment. Now, Matthew not only finds and sells the proper home, thanks to his expert-level design background, he also makes the home unique to the owner’s personality and specifications. 

“A lot of times you come into a property, and the agent says the place has so much potential, but 98% of the population has no clue what that potential means,” he says. “What’s so unique about Matthew Klyn Design, Garden ATL and Matthew Klyn and Company is that we are a one-stop shop for all of that.”

Matthew isn’t alone on this mission; his wife, Bandit, is an architect and real estate agent as well. She works on his plans while he designs them, and they implement with a team, making them a powerhouse couple across the board.

“I’m better in the front of the house, she’s better in the back of the house, so we complement each other pretty well on that as well.”

With so many awesome projects to his credit, Matthew has done it all, but he maintains a zeal for creating, no matter the breadth of the request.

“I never have a dream project. They come to me as they should. I try to make every single one of them my dream once I have them. I make them all my dream projects if I can, and it shows in the work.”

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