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Meet Doctor Jacq

Chief of Staff at CHOC Children’s, Child Advocate, Chef, Sports Nutrition Expert, and a Really Great Mom

Jacqueline Winkelmann, M.D., known to many as “Doctor Jacq,” has been a hospital-based pediatrician at CHOC Children’s since 2001 and is the hospital’s most recent chief of staff.

Doctor Jacq has always had a passion for children’s health, well-being and safety. In addition to her career as a pediatrician, she is a child advocate, a dedicated home chef, sports nutrition expert and mother of two.

The Pediatrician

Well respected in the medical community, Doctor Jacq is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, including the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness and the Council on Media and Communications. She is also a member of the American Medical Writer’s Association and has written several textbook chapters and peer-reviewed articles for medical journals. She has also has presented research worldwide.

Based on her experiences with newborns, new moms and young children at the hospital, Doctor Jacq has become a strong voice for any and all products targeting our children and new moms.

“I have been very active speaking and writing to ensure children’s safety and well-being is the number one priority of product companies geared to infants, babies and children,” she says.

But Doctor Jacq doesn't stop there. She has recently partnered with several product companies to ensure children’s safety and well-being is their number one priority and to help educate new parents as they embark on the adventure of parenthood.

Doctor Jacq has been nominated and awarded the “Physician of Excellence” in pediatrics by the Orange County Medical Association since 2013. In 2018, she was selected as a Top Pediatrician by the International Association of Pediatricians: Leading Physicians of the World.

The Home Chef

Doctor Jacq has always had a passion for food and healthy cooking. She was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where her mother was a caterer and taught cooking classes for years. It was in Puerto Rico where Doctor Jacq developed a passion for cooking.

For the past several years, Doctor Jacq has participated in the Harvard Medical School/School of Public Health Nutrition Conference entitled “Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives” at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, California. She has also attended cooking classes in Puerto Rico, Argentina, Vancouver, Spain and Tuscany. Doctor Jacq believes healthy food can be delicious food and hopes to help families make the “healthier choice the easier choice.”

Sports Nutrition and Elite Young Athletes

Doctor Jacq’s passion for healthy cooking, combined with her firsthand experience dealing with two young elite level athletes, set her on a path to discover the unique nutritional requirements of young, high-level athletes. It became her personal mission to educate parents, coaches and young athletes on the unique nutritional requirements of being a growing, developing child/adolescent while putting their bodies through the rigor of high-performance training.

As a result, she founded Doctor Jacq: Nutrition Coach for Young Athletes in 2014, and she has since worked with thousands of parents, coaches and young athletes. With a focus on nutrition and well-being, Doctor Jacq uses sports as a platform to teach children healthy habits for life.

Do you have young athletes? Do they know what and when to eat to improve athletic performance and what nutrition habits are sabotaging their training? Nutrition, hydration, rest/sleep—these are the necessary ingredients to ensure maximum energy levels, mental focus, injury prevention and overall performance.

Doctor Jacq brings a unique understanding of how to create a realistic yet healthy lifestyle that fits into busy routines.

Let her help your team understand the what, when and why of eating, drinking and resting for sports. 

—Doctor Jacq’s talks are customized for your team: age, gender and sport specific.

—Doctor Jacq will give you the medical information your young athlete needs to be mentally sharp, energized, injury-free and performing his or her best, in a fun, easy and practical manner.

—Invite Doctor Jacq to speak to your team and learn all the aspects of sports nutrition and wellness for young athletes!

"As a pediatrician, advocate, a dedicated home chef and mother of two, I have a passion for children’s health, well-being and safety." 

—Dr. Jacq


Doctor Jacq is more than a pediatrician and nutrition expert. She connects the dots for parents and coaches.

Topics of Expertise

—Sports nutrition for young athletes
—Sports medicine for young athletes
—The teen opioid crisis
—General pediatrics
—Infant and baby care
—Product reviews/endorsements