Meet Phil, An and Thropy

Local Authors Teach Children the Importance of Giving

The Adventures of PhilAnThropy introduces readers to young friends Phil, An and Thropy as they embark on an adventure in philanthropy upon realizing their new friend needs a special chairlift to enjoy the neighborhood pool.

When their combined allowances and birthday money are not enough, they launch a kid-friendly fundraising campaign with the support of friends, family and neighbors. During their journey, the friends learn that while each may only be able to contribute a little, they can make a big difference when combining their time, talents and treasure.

The Adventures of PhilAnThropy will inspire children of all ages that contributions both big and small can truly have a lasting effect.

"This book creates a ‘teachable moment’ for parents and children to think about and discuss philanthropy both in its formal (through legal charities) and informal (person to person directly) manifestations," Patrick Rooney, Ph.D., says. The authors are dedicated to bringing philanthropy concepts to children and their families to help create more generous and caring communities.

The authors are passionate fundraisers from Metro Atlanta: Linda McNay, Del Martin and Ailena Parramore. The Adventures of PhilAnThropy has been met with acclaim throughout the fundraising community.

“Let me assure you, there is no book like The Adventures of PhilAnThropy," Dan Wright, owner of Fitting Words says. "Linda, Del and Ailena have given us another tool to change our world—and to raise a generation to do far greater works."

"This book creates a ‘teachable moment’ for parents and children to think about and discuss philanthropy."


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