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MBA, 1 Year in Italy

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Meet the Publisher, Gavin Magee

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01 I am a proud University of Arkansas Alum, BSBA Finance // 02 I worked as a Ski Lift Operator at Breckenridge Ski Resort, wearing ski boots >100 days is actually a huge blessing! // 03 I attended an MBA program located in North Eastern Italy for one full year. I am not fluent by any means but I do know survival Italian. // 04 I was fortunate to work for AcreTrader Inc. on the square in Fayetteville Arkansas. High pace, steep learning curve and a creative team; this role brought me back to NWA, and an opportunity I am forever thankful for. // 05-07 Living locally and with a foody in my fiance, we do have some local favorite joints we always take visitors. Pizzeria Ruby for a life changing pie, The Vault for clean cocktails, and Hugo's because, well, how could we not say Hugo's! // 08 Finally, and most recently, the question was popped this past September 17th in Idaho! We can't wait to continue penciling in our September 2024 wedding plans. 

  • Finance Graduate, University of Arkansas
  • Engaged in Idaho, Sept. 17 2023
  • Local Favorite - Pizzeria Ruby
  • AcreTrader Inc., 2022
  • Lift Operator Breck, 2021
  • Hugo's, a staple
  • The Vault, clean cocktails
  • Profile Shot