Miami Tile & Renovation

Since 2010, Roland Elek has provided high quality service to his customers.

Growing up in Budapest, Hungary, Roland Elek developed a deep connection with, and appreciation for, the value of hard work. More to the point, he gained an understanding of how important the quality of the work combined with a disciplined approach could lead to success in life.

“That's why my nature is to truly connect with my customers,” he said. “You have to understand what's important to them to get to that level of quality. It's all about communicating with them and really listening so you can understand.”

As the owner of Miami Tile & Renovation, Roland has made a home in South Florida.

“Miami has a go-with-the-flow culture that I really like,” he said. “It even has kind of an island feel, like the Caribbean, but with its own pattern at its own pace. And I've found that, if you get that, you can be really successful here.”

His company, which was founded in 2010, provides remodeling and building services for residential and commercial properties. The projects they work on include tile installation, home remodeling, custom bathrooms and kitchens, and outdoor kitchens, as well as patios and decks and much more.

Roland says that he sees the key to his success coming down to a couple of factors. The first is his laser-like focus on the needs of his customer.

“Having a strong connection with the customer is the most important part of it,” he said. “I work directly with my customers to make sure their expectations are being met. I'll never give up that connection with my customer.”

The second factor stretches all the way back to his youth and his family.

“On every project, I ask myself if my dad would be proud of the work that I'm doing. That really pushes me to make sure the quality of the work is the highest it can possibly be.”

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