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MoAV Coffee

Connecting Community through Coffee

Around the globe, coffee has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, acquiring enthusiasts of all ages, tastes and backgrounds. The beverage has enjoyed vast popularity for centuries, yet in recent decades the craft of brewing and serving coffee has developed into an art form. For many, a day is not complete without a cup (or three) of the caffeinated elixir. Local coffee houses fulfill this immense demand for quality brew and may even become a treasured part of one’s daily routine. MoAV Coffeeoffers the Billings community a cozy place to indulge their love for java, connect with others and build relationships. 

“MoAV has always had a heart and intention for both people and coffee,” owner Jeffrey Hosa says. “We wanted the space to be professional yet inviting so that people would feel at home with comfortable furniture but be productive with ample room for meeting and remote work.”

Building upon this idea, Jeffrey created a space that is amenable to every patron, whether you are stopping in for an hour or a full workday.

“The other thing that we focus on to make it a welcoming environment is the people,” he adds. “We have a staff full of people who want to give the best experience possible and actually get to know customers. It’s more than just a one-time interaction; caring about the community and serving the best possible coffee is top priority for us. The whole experience matters, as do the people who are choosing to use our space.”

Interestingly, Jeffrey’s own passion for coffee didn’t begin until his brother-in-law introduced him to a variation on the typical brewing system.

“We were up in the mountains at a camp, and I had a French press for the first time,” he says. “I just drank it black, and it blew my mind how good it was. After that, I spiraled down the rabbit hole of specialty coffee and was hooked. I read a lot of books and talked a lot to people already in the industry to gain perspective and learn as much as I could.”

MoAV grew from Jeffrey’s basic love for coffee and community and flourished under the simple principle of taking great care, both with the people they serve and the coffee they craft.

“We love introducing people to the idea that there is more than just dark, bitter coffee,” Jeffrey says. “It’s fun being able to take someone's perception and open it up to a world of delicious possibilities and understanding about the drink and the industry. We want people to have the best cup of coffee they’ve experienced when they come here.”

Jeffrey believes MoAV’s success is not only owed to their service and care but also stems from their perception of people.

“We see customers as people and care for them like our friends,” he says. “Business can so easily get to the point where people are a number that goes in the system to make finances work, but we want to take time to get to know people and build relationships, both locally and globally. We want to love people well.”

This belief in love fosters an inviting ambiance, lending MoAV the warmth of home.

When asked about his vision for the future, Jeffrey reveals plans for a new cafe and a coffee roasting facility.

“This would allow us to expand our coffee roasting operation, expand our wholesale options and offer new retail coffee ideas like subscription options in store and online,” he says. “We will start offering coffee classes for the public and barista training for our wholesale clients. We have some fun new ideas with cold brew coffee and plan on offering these in both a canned product and wholesale keg option for restaurants around the area.”

In all endeavors, future and present, Jeffrey maintains a focus of creating and connecting community. Coffee may be the instrument that brings us together, but it is the sense of community that forms lasting relationships. 

2501 Montana Ave., Billings, 406.672.4784,

  • Owner Jeffrey Hosa