Modern Holiday Wreaths

Customized Wreaths to Match Your Style

For centuries, wreaths have been used as symbols of fashion, décor and victory. Today they serve as a decorative hanging greeter, a beautiful table scape or tiny bit of whimsy crowned on a child’s head. The tradition of the wreath also has a spiritual meaning. Since they have no beginning or end, they symbolize God’s eternity and mercy. Their green color represents hope and a new life. Regardless of how you see fit to utilize your wreath, a wreath can be used year-round to reflect your style.

Gold Ring Wreaths

This holiday season, gold ring wreaths are an excellent way to be creative and show off your personality. Exposing the gold ring adds a modern twist on a traditional holiday decoration. First, choose your foliage. For classic holiday arrangements, we recommend eucalyptus or pine. Pine symbolizes everlasting life and love, and eucalyptus has a purifying effect eradicating negative energy. For color and texture, add berries, flowers or pinecones. Customize your wreath by adding final touches that fit your unique styles, such as ornaments, toys and ribbons. The sky is the limit. Let your imagination go wild.

"Customize your wreath by adding final touches of décor that fit your unique styles, such as ornaments, toys, and ribbons."

You can find supplies at your local craft store. There are three gold ring sizes to choose from—five, eight and ten inches; floral wire; scissors; foliage; texture; color; personal décor; ribbon; twine; fishing wire and hot glue. Layer your foliage of choice on the bottom of your gold ring, tying it down with floral wire. Add your texture with hot glue, securely fasten your adornments and tie a bow around the top.

The Elegant Olive Wreath

Another wreath we are crazy about is simple yet sophisticated. It is the olive leaf wreath. Historically, the olive branch is a symbol of peace, which is perfect for the holidays. You will need olive tree foliage, floral clippers, wreath form, ribbon, twine or floral wire. Wrap the olive foliage around the wreath form and fasten it securely with the floral wire. Keep the foliage loose against the form for a more whimsical look. Make sure to attach the foliage securely once you have wrapped the form. Tie a bow at the top of your wreath with a festive ribbon, and adorn your wreath with bells or your favorite holiday ornament.

"Historically, the olive branch is a symbol of peace, which is perfect for the holidays."

Make sure to spray your wreath with a spray mister to prevent it from drying out during the holiday season. Sit back and enjoy your self-made living art with the help of Laguna Niguel Lifestyle and Mother Nature.

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