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Mom's Movie Night

Laguna Niguel resident and Mom, Kathy Casdorph, shares her Family Favorites to watch with the kids

In finding some light in today’s stressful bombardment of negative news, our family is truly enjoying time together sequestered at home by finding quality at-home activities. It’s an adjustment for certain, but family movie nights are helping bond us even more. My husband, Brad and I are both children of the 80’s and sharing our experiences with our children tends to be nightly dinner conversations, as they head into their teens. Our first choice of family movie night is Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). PG-13.  This movie captures a carefree time, allowing us to make fun of ourselves with humor.  Our second choice is none other than 1985’s The Breakfast Club. Though rated R, the nuances of the teen experiences are very real and subjects that can help your teenagers deal with current issues. Our final choice is 1984’s Sixteen Candles, which addresses so many situations for teens that seem even current for today with humor. As parents we can’t shelter our kids from today’s realities, but these films give a fun platform to discuss and share your thoughts through your parenting journey.

Dad's Movie Night

Laguna Niguel Dad, Peter Szyman, shares his Family Movie Night Picks from a Dad's Point of View

Peter Szyman

Our family loves to travel.  New Year's Day 2019 found us at Machu Picchu in Peru.  New Year’s 2020, it was hiking in New Zealand including visits to the sets of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.  What movies would a quarantined family that has wanderlust watch?  We’d be off to Salzburg, Austria to join the von Trapp Family in The Sound of Music (1965).  We’d be delighted by the voice of Julia Andrews among the Austrian Alps.  From there we’d travel to Morocco and indulge in Casablanca(1942) to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rick’s Cafe.  We’d listen to Sam play As Time Goes By.  Before heading out, we would witness Rick and Ilsa selflessly put the future of the world above their love.  At this point, lonely for home, we’d head back to the USA.  Having missed March Madness, we’d get our basketball fix by watching Hoosiers (1986).  We’d watch Jimmy Chitwood, led by coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) take diminutive Hickory HS to the Indiana State Basketball Championship game against a Goliath from Indianapolis.  Then we’d all close our eyes, click the heels of our Ruby slippers and say over and over, “There’s no place like home."