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Mother-Daughter Trio Builds Business For Generations

Article by Russell Rae

Photography by Morgan Jones-Osborne

Originally published in Pearland Lifestyle

Owning a family business means more to the Pham family than just profitability and success. “Not only do we get to work together day in and day out, but we also get to bond over something that we all care about,” says Jacqueline Pham, youngest of the Pham daughters. Through their luxury nail spa, Nail Ganic, this locally owned and operated mother and daughter run venture seeks to help others find their relaxation. Owned and operated by Courtney Pham, mother, alongside her two daughters, Christina and Jacqueline, this family has found their home and planted their roots here in Pearland. Courtney’s vision first came to life over 17 years ago in a small town with a population of 39,000 – Urbandale, Iowa.

Quickly after launching her first spa, Courtney soon realized she needed to expand her business and reach more diversity.  With her eyes set on a larger audience and a more culturally diverse atmosphere, she took her family to Dallas, Texas. Settling in the suburb of [suburb name], she began to see the business expand and reached great success but still was lacking one critical piece for her family. After [time frame], the Pham family set its sights on one final move. She looked towards Houston, Texas which has become touted as the most culturally diverse city in the United States. Looking around the different suburbs of Houston, Courtney landed on Pearland as the perfect middle ground between city and small-town feel. “Pearland is somewhere that is very homey and culturally rich and diverse, that we felt we could really create the same type of homey atmosphere while still providing a luxury service.”

The Pham daughters glow brightly when discussing what it means to them when they see the success their mom has pioneered. “We started in a neighborhood that had very high crime rates, through this business we were able to break the stereotype and achieve things we never would have thought we could have. At the end of the day, making a name for yourself as a woman is difficult – let alone a woman of color. It is challenging as a women led, Asian business but luckily we have our mom to look towards with a perfect blend of assertiveness and kindness.” To find out more information on Nail Ganic Luxury Nail Spa please visit: