Mother's Day Book Suggestions

Must-read Recommendations for Moms

Trying to find something unique to give your mother on Mother’s Day? How about a good book about motherhood that you both can read and enjoy? Show Mom that you really do understand and appreciate all that she does for you. She’ll love the thought and you just might learn a thing or two!

Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me by Maya Angelou

With her signature eloquence and heartfelt appreciation, renowned poet and national treasure Maya Angelou celebrates the first woman we ever knew: Mother. From the beginnings of this profound relationship through teenage rebellion and finally, to adulthood, where we stand to inherit timeless maternal wisdom, Angelou praises the patience, knowledge, and compassion of this remarkable parent. Perfect for Mother's Day, or any day on which we wish to acknowledge this all-important bond, Mother is an awe-inspiring affirmation of the enduring love that exists in every corner of the globe.

TLDR: This is a very short, quick read. A simple book, about a woman growing from childhood, through the teenage years to being an adult.

Mom, I Wrote a Book About You by M.H. Clark

Mom, I Wrote a Book About You lets you create a heartfelt gift as unique as your mother. Fill this lighthearted gift book with your favorite moments and shared experiences to remind Mom what she means to you. With fun yet meaningful prompts for you to complete (in under an hour!), Mom, I Wrote a Book About You lets you create a heartfelt gift as unique as your mother. Fill this lighthearted gift book with your favorite moments and shared experiences to remind Mom what she means to you.

TLDR: A fun, fill-in-the-blank book full of thought-provoking prompts and questions. Fill it out with your thoughts. Because she’s wonderful and you want her to know.


Real Poems for Real Moms: From a Mother in the Trenches to Another by Rachel S. Donahue

Honest, funny, and encouraging, this collection of "mom poetry" is written by a mother in the trenches of motherhood as a means of encouraging other moms. It's a perfect gift for any mother who needs a pick-me-up from a kindred spirit. Real Poems for Real Moms combines traditional poetic forms (like sonnets, a limerick, and haikus) with playful concrete poems, free verse, and a couple of forms the author made up because they suited her. Motherhood is messy, beautiful, hard, and rewarding all at once. 

TLDR: Any lover of words or bearer of children is bound to find a giggle or two within these pages, along with a knowing nod of affirmation.

Dear Mother: The Hot Mess of Motherhood by Bunmi Laditan

This first collection of poetry from bestselling author Bunmi Laditan captures the honesty, rawness, sheer joy, and total madness of motherhood. With the compassion and wit that have made her a social media sensation among mothers around the world, Laditan puts into words what so many of us feel but can’t quite express. For mothers who love their children  unconditionally but know what it is to feel crushed at the end of those long days, Dear Mother is like a warm hug that says, “I get it.”

TLDR: A truly funny, yet realistic look at motherhood. Bunmi will remind you that you are not alone in your chaotic and wonderful journey of motherhood.

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