Chapter 3: Mr. Malibu’s Adventures Continue

Cary ONeal’s father flew around the world selling custom interiors for private and commercial jets. He was inspired to see his son Cary flourishing with good grades in school and thought it would be a good learning experience to introduce him to a sales opportunity offered by a colleague at the aviation company who was selling Shaklee products. The man came into their Malibu Colony living room and gave the younger ONeal a whole pitch and a sales kit on all their products and signed him up. With no pressure to succeed and with just the fun of “giving it a whirl,” Cary enthusiastically went over and knocked on the door of Lenny Stogel, a Colony neighbor and manager of the rock group “Yes.” 

To Cary’s surprise, it happened to be perfect timing, as the group was in L.A. at the time. Stogel purchased a comprehensive package, including all the vitamins, protein powder and the whole 9 yards as a gift for each of the band members, earning Cary enough money from that one sale (combined with $500 from his grandmother) to take a life-changing trip to Europe.

Cary and his traveling buddy decided to tour Europe “on the cheap,” carrying backpacks, traveling by train and staying in youth hostels. Arriving in London, they ventured to The Speakeasy Club, the famous night club that featured the greatest rock groups at the time and served as a late-night meeting place for the music industry.

As luck would have it, Cary ran into Cracky (the road manager for Led Zeppelin who he had met earlier in L.A.), who introduced him to George Harrison’s manager. Cary and his friend ended up as guests at Harrison’s home in the swanky Mayfair District instead of staying in a loud musky rundown youth hostel with little cots—a friend later told Cary that Harrison had been as intrigued by these youngsters from Malibu as they were with him; Malibu being perceived as “Ground Zero” of the film/TV industry. Cary remembers being invited to Harrison’s 16th century castle at Henley on Thames.

“The castle was quite astounding, almost like Disneyland with lakes in the front of the property and channels and tunnels for small row boats,” says Cary, adding that “Harrison had exotic flowers brought in from Africa.”

That following November, Cary was invited to be Harrison’s guest on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

“What paradise it was! The brilliant bright blue and purple color of the ocean was stunning,” says Cary, who went skin diving and hunting for lobster. “The guy running the boat was an expert and we practically had nothing but lobster for 2 weeks.”

Describing Harrison as “a reclusive type of person who had a really hilarious sense of humor,” Cary was thrilled to attend some of Harrison’s recording sessions, such as the “Dark Horse” album at A&M Records.

“At one point Harrison came into the mixing room and asked how I liked the music,” says Cary, who answered, “It really sounds amazing.”

Harrison replied (“smoking his strong Gitanes French cigarettes), ‘Awh, how would you know—with all that seaweed in your ears from surfing in Malibu?’ Everyone burst out laughing and I felt such a love and magical appreciation for this larger-than-life superstar,” says Cary, who was intrigued by Harrison’s passion for Krishna and meditation.

“He gave me a t-shirt that had a silver emblem and the OM symbol on it,” says Cary. “I proudly wore the t-shirt everywhere I went because it was a gift from Harrison, even though most people had no clue what the symbol was.”

Within a year after that, Cary met a “very powerful spiritual teacher” from Prem Nagar, India, who taught him some ancient forms of focus for meditation.

“This was an extremely significant shift in my life because I had been deeply searching for a real connection inside, a real experience of a higher power—the Creator,” says Cary. “The experience being revealed by this particular teacher was being practiced by thousands of people all over the world who had set up ashrams in the U.S. as well.”   

Having “studied his brains out trying to find God via scriptures, even in classic Greek,” Cary “suddenly for the first time in my entire life experienced that there is a voice, a mind inside my head that I seemingly could not stop or control. When these forms of focus were revealed, the chatter box was transcended for real, and I was freed up to witness the breath in complete silence at the precise moment it enters and the precise moment it exhales. I experienced that coming to a complete stop inside to complete stillness is actually when truly meaningful movement occurs. I experienced a perfect sound going on inside, a constant harmony that when focused on with a concentration like a laser beam unifies the entire aura into a coherent magnetism I had never felt before.” 

Cary moved to an ashram for 10 years, first in Malibu, then Arizona, and finally Florida, attending over 6,000 nightly Satsang meetings and sharing the love and magic experienced through meditation with others. When he returned to Malibu, he began working for Malibu Colony neighbor Larry Hagman as his “right-hand man.”

At that time, Hagman was the “most famous celebrity in the world,” starring in “Dallas,” and Cary recalls driving a limo given to Hagman by Chrysler Chairman and CEO Lee Iaccoca and accompanying him to celebrity parties and events as well as driving Hagman’s high-profile entertainment friends, such as Harrison Ford, Peter Weir and producer Jerome Hellman.

“Hagman always carried a tiny Derringer pistol in his upper left suit pocket and I wondered if the ‘Who shot J.R.’ story was the impetus for that,” says Cary, recalling an especially fond memory of driving Linda Gray: “She was on the phone with Hagman and said (referring to me) ‘Why don’t you put this handsome young man on ‘Dallas’ and he can be my secret lover?’”

Look for more Mr. Malibu stories in the next issue of Malibu Coast Lifestyle Magazine. Cary ONeal’s high-profile events and celebrity interviews reach over 22 million on television, 500,000 via social media and nearly 4 million on YouTube. Visit and to learn more.

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