Chapter 9: Mr. Malibu With Celebrities Then & Now

Overflowing with the appreciation and enthusiasm of sharing my journey with you in these Mr. Malibu chapters, here are a few heartfelt and fun red carpet interactions, including recent learning exchanges with celebs of a different kind: those that have made the most impact in my life.

At one event, I was speaking with Holland Taylor about how she was actually doing a service to viewers by making them laugh because a study confirmed when people laugh, it releases healing endorphins into the body. She agreed and mentioned Norman Cousins, who cured himself of a fatal disease by laughing, watching Marx Brothers and other comedy movies. I then asked her about playing Charlie Sheen’s mother in “Two and a Half Men” at the time when Charlie was to be leaving the show by way of being killed in the story.

She shared how that story plan was cancelled. So, I suggested that they could write into the story that Charlie would instantly reincarnate as Ashton Kutcher so she could be his mother as well, and then Charlie could go on “How I Met Your Mother” and reveal the mother of all mothers. She laughed and said that was a really good story line.

In another interview on the red carpet at the Malibu Playhouse, I was joking around with Dick Van Dyke and he was talking about how a viral video on YouTube could suddenly have more exposure than a prime time TV show. I responded by suggesting he do a viral video titled, “How to Star in Mary Poppins for Dummies,” which would feature him at the Malibu Starbucks being picked up by a foxy bombshell in a red Corvette. They speed down the Coast Highway and end up driving off the Malibu Pier. While airborne, she pulls out her umbrella, and they float down to safety. He burst out laughing and said that he actually did propose “Mary Poppins II” to Disney, but they wouldn’t do it even though it was the all-time highest grossing Disney film at that time.

In another celebrity interview on a different note, John Paul DeJoria (owner of Patron Tequila and Paul Mitchell Hair Products) invited me to his Malibu home to talk on camera about the Santa Barbara oil spill that killed dolphins and other sea life. He agreed that we need a public uprising to urge the oil companies to find cleaner solutions and prevent these disasters. I shared with him about how the Diablo Nuclear Plant in San Luis Obispo was actually built on a known earthquake fault line. He was very surprised, and we all felt it should be shut down immediately.

During the beginning of the lockdown and through today, I have also been attending awareness empowerment Zoom events. Connecting with such leaders has inspired a life of simplicity without a need to interpret experiences as good or bad; and being able to see from a neutral place how all experiences are a perfect reflection of what is going on inside of me.

While Malibu is world renowned for a lifestyle of luxury, fashion and the ‘rich and famous’, what I value most about living in this beautiful town is good health and feeling appreciation for everything around me.

Sauntering down the beach and being one with the breath of Mother Nature, and walking the beach at night, soaking in the stars, the moonlight on the ocean, and the breeze blowing through the palm trees, I am filled with the certainty that everything is perfect as it is and there is no other place on Earth I’d rather be. Even my greatest accomplishments are no match for communing with the majesty of sea and sand. This connection offers a buzz saw of simplicity, the essence of our origin that can cut away the mind’s constant commentaries.  

Fortunate to be hired by global thought leader Byron Katie to produce a pilot for her proposed TV show, she revealed how turning things around and seeing my judgments of others are a product of the limited persona projecting its own restrictions onto others. Katie says whenever we argue with reality, we lose 100% of the time, and that all suffering is the past remembered or the future anticipated.

It was powerful seeing how all suffering comes from believing thoughts, perceptions and beliefs as true, and realizing that the only freedom I will ever experience is freedom from my own mind. Simplicity can even save my life and even more accurately, IS my life. Tests have shown that a pilot overwhelmed with complexity and mental activity can be rendered legally blind, even with 20/20 vision and not see what is right in front of him.

Continuing my journey into 2020, I came across Louise Kay who is a specialist in embodied awareness in the explorations of Truth. In her online group Zoom sessions, her gentle approach to spiritual awakening and integration supports the process of disidentification from a conceptual self, as well as the release of unconscious beliefs and conditioned behaviors and the integration of repressed emotions and energies in the body. She radiates a dynamic lucidity and is impeccable with her words.

During a conversation I had with her in one of her sessions, I asked, “Since you shared an affirmation ‘I am not my body, I am not my mind, I am that which perceives’ (awareness), who is it inside of us that chooses to focus on awareness instead of our thoughts?” She replied by asking me if I can feel who or what is aware of me being aware right now. Louise shares that the awareness that we are never changes no matter what we experience and that we don’t have to “get rid of” pain, we begin by becoming aware of the sensation itself; where it is coming from.  

Another person I met is Georgette Cressend in North Carolina who specializes in one-on-one sessions to deal with the full spectrum of human challenges and experiences. She also offers guided meditations. She is exceptionally consistent in offering crystal clear insight into how we create experience, shining light on the perceptions that cause emotional upset and how to practically go beyond belief systems that do not serve our highest good.  

While continuing to offer the beauty and wonder of life through my photography (, I am happy to also share HeartAscent. Explore the website and all that it offers at

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