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Mr. Malibu Surfs Thought Wave Power

Last week, while walking on the beach, my car keys fell out of my pocket. Returning to my car, I reached into my pocket and found myself overcome by a sinking feeling—and no keys! Tied to this plummeting sensation was the thought that I had just made a huge mistake.

I immediately ran back to the beach to look for what I was sure I wouldn’t find. As I frantically darted down the beach, a dozen thoughts zoomed even faster, every one of them judging me for losing the keys. As I noticed the trajectory and feeling of those thoughts, it was clear that my ability to find the keys was being influenced, and perhaps even blocked, by my self-judgment.

Continuing my hunt, I remembered the suggestion of a friend to proclaim with complete conviction what it is you want before you actually have it. Taking my friend’s advice, I said out loud: “I found my keys!” Really feeling the words, I kept looking. And guess what? About a mile down the beach, I saw my keys in the sand! They were just lying there in the midst of people and dogs running all around them.

At first, believing the eruption of thoughts proclaiming that I had done something wrong, it seemed the odds of finding the keys were impossible. Once the “pre-paving” exclamation, “I found my keys,” was seen and felt as real, the possibility of finding them also became real. The bottom line: No matter what I want, if I connect with it in mind, body and feeling, the fulfillment of the vision will manifest to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the strength of the engagement.

Looking at the mind and brain functions, we can shine light on the power of thought, which can actually lead to extended life or fatality. When I say, “power of thought,” it is more accurate to say the “power of our belief in thought,” for thought has no power whatsoever until we believe it!

The mind acts as a quantum radio station, emitting frequencies that impact our environment, mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. While light travels at 186,000 miles per second, thoughts virtually travel in no time. Thought is finer than ether, the medium of electricity. Thoughts exceed light in speed. To demonstrate this, imagine a pink zebra. See how fast that image manifested in your mind? Thoughts are not thwarted by distance.

Powerful examples of the impact and effect our thoughts have on our lives include Dr. Masaru Emoto’s rice experiment, discoveries about “junk” DNA and studies on telomere length.

Our thoughts and feelings can make us ill, illustrated by Dr. Emoto’s discovery that human thoughts and intentions can transform molecular reality. This was proven when he put rice in two different jars and repeatedly told one of them that he hated it and the other that he loved it. The one receiving the hate messages deteriorated and rotted dramatically quicker.

He also demonstrated how human interaction can change the molecular structure of water. His experiment showed that water senses humans and is “aware” of our frequencies. Just a simple look into our world shows us how love strengthens and protects, and hate destroys. Dr. Emoto’s experiment suggests that water doesn’t just have memory, but its structure could be affected by the emotions of people. Just as important, what we believe and feel affects our ability to discern and intuit.

Every thought releases chemicals, cortisol and serotonin, for instance. When positive thoughts are generated, when we’re feeling happy or optimistic, cortisol decreases and the brain produces serotonin, creating a feeling of well-being. When serotonin levels are normal, we feel happy, calmer, less anxious and more emotionally stable and focused. 

When happy thoughts occur, there is brain growth through the reinforcement and generation of new synapses. Judgmental thoughts cause feelings of stress, anxiousness, anger and depression, and our brain can’t perform at high or even normal capacity. Activity in the cerebellum, which controls coordination, balance, working relationships with others and the speed of thought itself, is also reduced.

Judgment actually impedes cognition. This describes perfectly what happened to me while searching for my lost keys. When I proclaimed with emotional conviction that I had found my keys, I relaxed and the franticness dissipated, allowing for a new possibility.

DNA & Our Thoughts

With regard to our DNA, Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Dr. Peter Gariyav and his team studied the dominant part of what was formerly considered “junk” DNA and discovered that it plays a big role in communication. They found that these junk DNA react to language in the form of modulated laser rays used during their experiment or to radio waves like the ones found in our voices. They concluded that DNA can be modified without removing or replacing genes. With constant application, language will change DNA. Could this explain the value of repeated affirmations?

Thoughts on Telomeres

With regard to telomeres, we know that their length is related to longevity. A study of 434 men and women found that men who were the most hostile were likelier to have short telomeres and high levels of telomerase activity. A larger study of 1,010 men found that those with more pessimistic attitudes had shorter telomeres.

Not giving full attention to what we’re doing can shorten telomeres. A study of nearly 250 women found that those who had the highest levels of mind wandering had significantly shorter telomeres. Another study found that suppressing negative thoughts and emotions can lead to shorter telomeres, quickening the aging process. 

So, are you willing to experiment with new possibilities? Proclaim it, feel it, know it … and find your key(s)!

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