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Mr. Malibu Mantra: Carefree in ‘23

What invisible beliefs are barriers for me being carefree? Observing the most powerful and meaningful events in my life, I noticed a shared characteristic among them. They originated from a spontaneous creativity to do it just for the fun of it, with no focus on or concern for a particular outcome. This inspired my mantra: “Carefree in ’23.

Whatever our desired experience, our Malibu dream home and garden, the right relationship or an exciting career, we seek it because of what we think we’ll get from it. We’re all seeking peace and happiness, which sometimes is barely discernible, buried, by a belief that productivity, whether in business or personal growth, is the path to finally having it all or being enlightened.

This believed perception, based in programmed, robotic thought, is part of our collective, global culture driven by a credo made up of principles of productivity that are, at best, restrictive and manipulative. Such dogma, especially when strictly followed, distracts from the peace and happiness that’s already and always here as our true essence, even if we don’t experience it or are aware of it.

In my experience, the vitality of being carefree rests in awareness—being aware of the perceptions, body sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise in the encounters of everyday life. The more conscious I am of the fears and beliefs, and their shortcomings, the less I react with frustration or hurt, both based in unresolved, unconscious, limiting patterns. No matter what someone else says or does, if there’s a peaceful mindset here, there is much less possibility of upset and on a deeper level, much of what I see on the outside is actually being projected from within.

Seeing is not believing; I have to believe it in order to see it. No one else is the source of our thoughts/feelings/experiences. Others can serve as a reflection for what is in us. If we react with any sort of upset, we can see it as a light shining on what is unsettled in us. As in quantum physics, when we focus on something, we’re affecting it.

Meditation has been described as “perfect concentration on a perfect thing.” To me, the breath is just that. When I am focusing on the breath as it is, not altering it, it helps me to naturally flow with life and do things in a carefree yet powerfully focused manner. In these moments, I’m free of fear and mental agendas, carefree of the results. Being present to the moment as it is attracts the best results anyway. 

One experience of this carefree approach was when I took off on a big wave at Old Joe’s in the Colony. I got in over my head and out of control. I just assumed that I was going to wipe out anyway, so I surrendered to the sheer fun of it, did a radical roller coaster maneuver and shot straight up vertically through the thick lip of the wave. I was sure it was going to clobber me, but because I set myself free to go for the impossible, my board cut through the wave. At one point I was literally upside down with the skag sticking straight up to the sky. The force of the lip just pushed me and the board right down the face of the wave. I DIDNT FALL! I was so startled that I was still standing that I just fell off the board in surprise.

From a broader perspective I can see that everything we do, say, feel, think and are aware of is a perfect manifestation of the precise energy each of these activities originated from. In other words, it’s always the energetic drive behind our activity, whether from crystal, clear clarity or from a patterned belief system, that produces the outcome. This energetic drive launches. The outcomes are dependent upon the beliefs we’re listening to and following, seen as successes/failures or revelations to something new.

Success/failure, when seen through the narrow mindedness of habituated thought, becomes a chain around our neck. Both are heavy and slow us down. Alternatively, when success/failure is seen as just directional pointers, rather than a goal that has to be sustained or a whipping post, they can be openings to new possibilities and new roads to travel, all of which invite peace and happiness.

Our perceptual prisons of thought, handed down for generations, especially related to productivity, leave out anything that cannot be seen, touched or measured. We end up judging ourselves and don’t even know we’re doing it. These perceptual limitations are beneath the surface, subconscious, and thus etched in a place most of us never investigate.

There’s a subtle refinement in the elevation of consciousness when noticing these limited notions. Thinking, when believed, becomes densely compacted conclusions. We forget they’re just thoughts, just opinions, just speculations, and not the truth. When we pay attention to what we’re listening to, we discover that these patterns of thought are fake from a false narrative and motivated by f.e.a.r.: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Where’s the fun in relating to everything with critical thinking and nonstop commentary? Thinking has its place and cannot be stopped by itself. However, could it be time to stop using thought for everything? I truly feel the only freedom I’ll ever experience is freedom from my own mind.

If somebody tells you that Mercury is in retrograde and you’re in big trouble, that you better do this or do that, you’re listening to a prediction based on someone else’s opinion that gives outside forces power over you. This is a rampant, societal misperception, denying our true essence, and, in doing so, clouds the knowing that WE are the source of our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

We are the final say and what we say is determined by what we’re listening to. There’s a giant new frontier of experiencing carefree; may you be carefree in ’23!

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