Mr. Malibu Muse: Impact of Our Focus

In this exploration of how our focus impacts our lives, I interviewed Georgette Cressend, whose counseling expertise is on the cutting edge of expanded consciousness. As she describes, “I’ve been blessed to be able to discern between egoic patterns that stimulate anxiety, depression or discomfort from the Truth of the heart that serves peace, happiness and love. I assist people with being clear about what they really want as we reveal the truth of what we are. I call it being together being-to-being rather than pattern-to-pattern or thought-to-thought.” 

Cary: A person’s perception creates what actually ends up manifesting in their life on many levels, and an expanding awareness of how we are perceiving ourselves and our experiences makes a huge difference. What I learned recently while eating a cleansing diet is how I could feel what foods were affecting my body. It triggered further contemplation of how I want to use feeling and deeply sensing the moment instead of referring to thought. This inspired me to be here, “Real Time,” being aware of what I’m focusing on and its effect.

Georgette: We can take it to something very simple: we can feel whatever thought we’re thinking, and each thought has a different frequency, and each frequency feels different than the other, so what you’re saying is right on.

Cary: What steps can we take to shift our perception and be in charge of what we’re experiencing? Let’s consider affirmations. Their impact happens when neuroplasticity takes place, shifting our subliminal belief system. Concurrent with this, Russian researchers said they proved in the lab that language, words, can affect our DNA, which is actually designed to respond to certain language. How I’m interpreting what I’m focusing on is what’s either causing a positive or negative reaction.

Georgette: (Note: There is no person, place or thing that is inherently positive or negative. It is our perception and interpretation that deems an experience good or bad, positive or negative.)

With so many of us stressed and pulled in many directions, the first possibility of shifting focus from typical struggle is to simply stop and relax. If a person wants to shift their life from one of struggle to one of presence and Harmony, the first thing is to bring attention into the moment. Focusing on the breath, on the sensations in the body or on the third eye for example. Whatever works for someone that feels best. Some of us are afraid to actually be still and quiet because we’re so used to the chaos and the noise.

Depending on where we are in our Crest of Consciousness, we can close our eyes and be with what we’re feeling. The way to strengthen a shift in consciousness is to keep at it. The whole point of the expansion is about having a happier more peaceful life. I haven’t seen or found anybody that doesn’t want to be happy, peaceful, joyful, and help others. If we want the happiness, peace and joy; if we want to be able to meet each circumstance with an equilibrium that doesn’t jump off the cliff at the first sight of upset or the first sight of something going wrong, then this is the way to that elevation.

Consciousness is a way to meet life without judgment, fear and knowing. It’s a way to meet life not having to know, and when we meet life not having to know, there’s more space for what’s here to be seen AS IT IS rather than as we think it is.

Cary: I was thinking about the laws of creation in terms of vibrational frequency. If you have two tuning forks that are tuned precisely to the same frequency, then one can activate the frequency of the other. So it appears our role in creating or attracting things is all about frequency activation and frequency harmonization, and may not be from our emotional or perceptual matrix. It’s more about identifying the exact frequency that’s going on in each body or person that we’re interacting with; matching those vibrational frequencies to create what we want.

Georgette: This is not a mental process. It’s like the feeling when you walk in a room and you feel something’s off and you want to leave, or you feel as if it’s home. The vibrational frequency has to match in order to activate what we’re intending to create. Just someone’s presence can activate a frequency in another. The more aware we are of our own resonance/presence, the more we’ll be able to be of service to people.

Note: The frequencies of unresolved trauma influence the frequencies to which we can resonate. So our emotional and perceptual well-being does contribute to the harmonizing of frequencies.

Cary: There is also contrary action. If our mind is telling us to eat cake, we go for a walk outside instead. Contrary action can be one of those counter-balancing frequency generators that bring us more into balance. If I stop judging myself, then I can stop judging you, and I can start to see how the thing that was judging is just a pattern I took on from childhood. I’m learning to see how much of what I see on the outside is actually being projected from inside.

Georgette: Thought itself is not causing a problem. It’s believing the thought that is problematic. Thoughts don’t cause us to feel this or that. It’s giving energy to a thought by believing it that has us feel …  

Cary: Is our identity nothing more than our perception? We derive our sense of identity through interaction with others. That is a pivotal element in elevating consciousness. We can’t really shift until we see how our perception is formulated.

In conclusion, as we shift our focus, the resulting frequencies affect our bodies, minds and souls. Our ability to spontaneously sense this effect in the moment, without interference from our emotional and mental selves, reveals the impact of our focus.

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